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G7 at Biarritz,2371422.php?fbclid=IwAR1zOF2bl3ywe7522AvyqyNYvBm8nIwPBsB2_LaYUouRkPUL26dKsCp6OcQ

Do you remember that young English Man that decoded the Olympics in the early days when i woke up and he was klilled? then last year there was the ALPHA/OMEGA Ritual a Killed Bay BEE/ROSEMARYSbaby last year Alphy/Alpha Evans WALES/WHALES/DRAGON Bonnie prince CHARLIE RED/GREEN/WHITE Flag Ritual.. LiverPool Red/White Barber Pole... i feel like him now, trying to expose these dots of whats happening.. Biarritz is 64th department as Gers before it is 32 and les landes 40th is in between in 40 Night and Days wilderness of VENUS and 64 is the circEL cerceuil circuit closed... the 25/27 August is the Autumn Solstice of the end of the Virgin MARY VIRGO never have I been so crucified for spreading the word.. I've been writing about when I AM Will I AM 64 .. 4 x 8 = 32 322 Skull n Bones 32 / 32 is 64 for a few years now.. 32/23 23 TWIN peak strands of DNA Tribe of DAN Peau d'ANE ... ALL is going to PLAN... thats why Microsoft SEVEN is 32 mega bites and 64 mega bites... 7 chakras and 4 parts of the BRAIN ROW is 7 + 4 11 TWIN PEAKS....This is why the Virgin Mary Lots wife stands on the Rocks out to the Atlantic because the next age is AMERICA NASA North america RED south america BLack as is on The original flag of BIARRITZ is RED/BLACK because before people knew that the age of Pisces WHITE/EUROPE Last White Continent Horseman ended HERE .. But the flag has already been changed to RED/GREEN/WHITE ... ISLAM .. when it should be Aquarius/RED/AIR and Capricorn/BLACK/Earth both ruled by SATURN .... So to today at Breakfast i almost choked on my daily bread when i heard that G7 was in Biarritz!!!!! Next Year!!!!!! I was ignored as always .. so i post here some relief from not having anyone to share this Pass Over age we live...Biarritz is where the VISTORS landed the PI RATS now become the PI LOTS

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