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Free Martin

To this Day in the village of St Saturnin.. 32nd State of Grace we Kill TWO BULLS/BALLS every year in our tiny village because its a FREE MARTIN RITUAL In the Aldous Huxley novel Brave New World, a "freemartin" (mentioned in chapters 1, 3, 11 and 17) is a woman who has been deliberately made sterile by exposure to hormones during fetal development; in the book, government policy requires freemartins to comprise 70% of the female population. Freemartins are known to have been described by the Roman writer Varro, who called them "taura".[4]

St. Martin's Day

Saint Martin's day, also known as the Feast of Saint Martin, Martinstag or Martinmas, as well as Old Halloween and Old Hallowmas Eve,[1][2] is the feast day of Saint Martin of Tours (Martin le Miséricordieux) and is celebrated on November 11 each year. This is the time when autumn wheat seeding was completed, and the annual slaughter of fattened cattle produced "Martinmas beef".[3] Historically, hiring fairs were held where farm laborers would seek new posts.

Rahu Ketu TWINS North South Node Venus as the BULL and the Scales or we become whole

Saint Martin of Tours was a Roman soldier who was baptised as an adult and became a bishop in a French town. The most famous legend concerning him was that he had once cut his cloak in half to share with a beggar during a snowstorm, to save the latter from the cold. That night, he dreamt of Jesus, wearing the half-cloak and saying to the angels, "Here is Martin, the Roman soldier who is now baptised; he has clothed me."[4] Saint Martin died on November 8, 397.n of Tours

St Martin Michael JackSON MJ is mercury TWINS Jupiter

Does the iconography of St. Martin of Tours encode ancient knowledge of in utero genetic manipulation? Let's have a look... See VideO here...

Adam and Eve were clothed once they bit the APP EL as the beggar clothed by St Martin Adam and Eve are the TWINS of Gemini .... Mercury Caduceus twin snakes...

In rural areas folklore often claimed this condition was not just peculiar to cattle, but extended also to human twins; this belief perpetuated for generations, as was mentioned in the writings of Bede.[10]....VENUS rules Taurus and Libra They have inverted the feminine Masculine because Taurus is a COW not a Bull and The Scales the Snake of Wisdom Libra is MALE Aphrodite is Libra aka LUCIFER/JUPITER wants to keep the Throne of the Winter Solstice TWIN peaks Aquarius/Capricorn and became the fake GOD BI BULL

Alderbaran the FAKE third bulls eye Tuarus is a COW not a BULL they use Ishtar for her Black magicK

The Twins of Gemini trying to merge as ONE a SExual Minion using Taurus VENUS Isis Ishtar for black MAGICK.....

Inanna/Ishtar/IsIs is Taurus she is the SPIDER the WEAVER of the whole LABYRINTH ... The Bull is a COW not a BI BULL its always been about the Torah and killing the female WOMB its always been about lil Lost Boys wanting to be SPIDER MAN....

Aignan Kills 2 BULLS every year to celebrate the seperation of MAN and Woman when we fell from GRace/32 12,000 yrs ago Aignan/Arignee/SPIDER is the state of GRACE before 33 crucifixion...We as The BULLS are divided as the BI BULL also as a ritual toGETher because SHE is the TESS TESLAR the Spider/ARIGNEE that spins the Labyrinth of left and right ii Captain only when we find the Mid EL path within us do we become ONE PoP EYE merged whole as our Labyrinth and as St Saturnin tried to warn the people before he was Killed dragged tied up behind a BULL they want to merge us as Free martins as Minions a sexual Bee Hive singularity...

The Labyrinth of St Saturnin in 32 State of GRACE before 33 Crucifixion....Aignan Arignee SPIDER Electro magnetic Current when humans find GOLD and we enter the Twin peak age of SATURN our brain becomes enlightened WHOLE .....

The Toros electromagnetic field is the spinning flower of life, the 5 petaled FLOWER OF LIFE is the 5 petaled FLOWER retrogrades of VENUS that she makes in the sky that why they use Taurus and Libra as venus rules those TWO signs... the Fibonacci code is the crucified flower in MATTER when not FLAT and crucified in matter it becomes a whole labyrinth the Whirl and Twirl of the Bud's EYE not the Bulls eye fake Aldebaran philosophers stone crap...we live in the killing of Bulls to this day is about killing the SPIN we are spun on the LOOP Lupiac LOUP/WOLF home of the last Horseman Corner/Continent when i am 322 Skull n Bones 64 Microsoft 7 32 megabites become trapped in the cube 64 zombieed megabites...Cranberried Beetle Juiced at 46/64 by the Death of the TWIN TWO BI BULLs

The Labyrinth represents the MID EL EVEN SATURN when we are the captain of our vessels we are Pop eye and no longer ii Captain THE LAW of BALANCE between Two directions is the Labyrinth.....

Freemartins have been around longer than recorded history. But where does the word come from? Most people divide it into two parts, with martin being the easiest to deal with. The OED offers "Of unknown origin: cf Ir., Gael, mart, heifer." On further investigation (that is, a quick cruise through the first two pages of search results) mart is Middle English for cow or ox fattened for market. That might be from the French which is from the Latin (which might, depending on how you trace it, originate with the Etruscan *merk—). Mart is also a term that was apparently used relatively recently in Scotland—from the Gaelic, which of course originates with Old Irish. Both, naturally, begin with Indo European... 

The 3 6 9 TRAP Ishtar GATE Vesica Piscis Tripple Goddess G ATE Monty Python 8

Free is even trickier. a bit trickier though, again, you could link it to Old Irish fiadh, which means (roughly) wild. But why "wild"? We're really reaching...

Old MAC 322 Skull n Bones had a Hybrid FARM Ronald Mac DONALD last TRUMP ET In the end, I don't think there's any way to tell. But the only way to know for sure is to delve deep, and to consult experts. (And see above, for why I'm not likely to bother just now.) So let's just say people in Hild's era may or may not have used the word, but freemartins have been around since the domestication of cattle. (And sheep, goats—yep, they have them too.)

The lat Horsman D'ART/RAT agnan in the village next to Aignan 32 is LOUPIAC or LOOP LOUP/WOLF Last corner 32 + 32 is when I am 64 Megabites a whole labyrinth or crucified at 33 .......... France won FootBall 4 Croatia 2 Thats 42 JUPITER half of the cycle of UR ANUS 84

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