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Flood those tears out

Flood those tears out, Mars and Mercury in

Cancer/Water/TIDES/Moods/Emotions/Waves/Mother/Breasts/ MILK new Black moon in Gemini Solar eclipse tomorrow 2nd july on Sirius the DOG/GOD star.. My breasts have swollen up, as they normally do with a full Moon but this time its a BLACK MOON swell they pulse, they ache so bad, as if i have a baby to feed Milk next to me, the pressure is at a peak, Mars Mercury conjunct JunO in Cancer semi sextile to the MOON ruler of Cancer/WATER CARDINAL in Last degree of Taurus before moving in for New Moon conjunction tomorrow eclipse at 10 pm in Gemini and Mercury that rules Gemini is in Cancer with mars now, fast approaching the MILKY WAY Galactic center opposition to Sagittarius .. Venus on the magicians wand Gemini,,,, Neptune retro in Aquarius Pluto Saturn opposing Sun and head of snake all retrO in Gemini and Jupiter RetrO Deep Stuff also in Water ScorpiO adding to the intensity of the Cancer Maternal energy ... Mercury Mars conjunct and Square to Uranus in cardinal FIRE Aries... Tension is rising let GO, Mars rules Aries and ScorpiO this is Tense go for a long walk be with your children relax and get ready for the eclipse your feelings now will carry ripples for months to follow ... Lunar eclipse to follow 16th July... Sexual release and transmutation time ... The Swell is building up ...

This Solar eclipse is the Masculine healing and 16 July Lunar eclipse is the PUSH THROUGH of HER BIRTH of 2020 when we enter Cardinal EARTH Capricorn Saturn/Dark Vador/The Crow/GOD/SPIRIT SATAN Old Age Contraction conjuncts to take back HER Winter Solstice 21/12/2020 we say goodbye to the 2,200 yr Reign of MUTABLE Water Pisces Jupiter/Luke Sky Walker/The FOX/Youth/Expansion/FLESH and Desire/Jesus LUCIFER ... with PlutO too The Good the bad and the Ugly... TODAY we bring this baby through... I am giving Birth today for tomorrow we made it through.. Jupiter will throw us every TRICK in the book before then what we hold NOW will be our saving GRACE ... Set your intentions and UNIFY You are LOVED beyond infinity

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Beautifuly written, and attachment videos were so touching. Thank you

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