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Fiery Serpent On The Pole

Feminism has NOTHING to do with being a woman, a woman has integrated the MOON star of the SNAKE aka LILITH..

Lilith is a figure in Jewish mythology, developed earliest in the Babylonian Talmud (3rd to 5th century AD). A woman who was looked down upon by her sexuality and dominance by Adam.

feminism is about pushing EVE the child as La Marianne aka VIRGO the Mary Mary quite contrary pre sexual Girl the STEPFORD wife… she is not ripe and is still unable to face her inner demons and to raise herself as the Eagle before Lilith was banned as a scorpion into the desert…. the equality being pushed for now is total silence of the LAMBS aka the BRAIN Thalamus.. people being turned into the Rainbow BRAINROW of FLESH .. Misogyny has nothing to do with hating women but everything to do with hating anyone that can fly and who needs NO LEDGE for they can SING their own SONG a Misogynist is a hater of imagination and of the Fury a woman has to protect the innocent, blind, deaf and dumb for earth is a school and most people are just having an unconscious ride on the merry go round they cannot DREAM, nor create, nor do anything outside of the BOX they have been put into... education systems are created to separate anyone who does not fit into the mould so to create the BEE HIVE mentality of slaves…Once you have broken away from the Cow Herd mentality and activated the third eye and BRAIN with HEART and SPIRIT you will be hated and unconsciously you represent LILITH to the impotent man and woman cause creativity is when you find the wisdom again all on your own you got past the Jokers and the Gurus and the Hypnosis of the beast system .. Children should be seen and not heard is an expression for anyone that can think or see beyond their stomach and social political correctness ... Visionaries are a RARE breed of human they see BEYOND the daily Bread of survival they see the bigger picture and they can hear and identify every TONE .. The Monsters of the ID are for all those that deny their inner Lilith and Snake cause the pharmaceutical companies use your very own snake as your call to dis EASE hell hath no fury like a woman who can selfheal and heal others is the normal procession out of Persephone's pact with Hades to rise out of the cave and to find the long lost wisdom of the fiery serpent on the Pole again…

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