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Fertile and Virile to be Whole

inside the human Brain is the Hippocampus its shaped like a RAMs Horn .. ARIES/RAM symbol is the V ♈️of the RAM Aries rules the Cerebrum Brain Head ruled by MARS... The Female Reproductive system also makes the V ♈️of the RAM and is also ruled by Mars .. The Root Chakra is SEX/ANGER/VIRILITY/Action/Creation it is RED/MARS .. Mars rules ARIES Masculine and Feminine Scorpio the anger of the ARIES is MALE energy, Its direct and Spontaneous and innocent, but is is how we REACT unconsciously .. ScorpiO Female anger is the same passion, but less direct, its secretive and Magnetic and can as Aries, in different ways, self destruct, but both still have healthy ability to express anger and Sexual energy.. We are kept on the Aries/Libra Constellation because the GOD of ALL religions is the RAM ... Aries is ISLAM CHRISTIANITY JUDAISM and BUDDHISM ... When Aries was a learning curb his time is OVER!! We should have integrated that energy by now.. Many people are not able to express anger and sexual desire in a healthy fashion, many people don't have a good MARS placement in their charts so they suppress this energy when Positive is VIRAL ..Negative is FERTILE I Think Therefore I am was written by an ARIES man René Descartes. In order to TRANSMUTE sexual energy and anger you have to know how to use MARS energy in a non perverted healthy way, from Aries cerebrum to Scorpio Sexual Organs and back home to ignite the inner Passion of Living from the higher mind.. The combination of both is the Primordial force that gives us the ability to become ENLIGHTENED to open the 3 rd eye... Most people are afraid of anger and afraid of Sexual purity so they never hit the jackpot, they remain in the Prism of the lower chakras and the pent up sexual aggression eventually eats them alive... This is what religion and new age does, it takes you into the solar plexus without having self purged first, all mind control programs even AA is a way to stop you going through the fires of HELL you make those steps, alone, its not a group party its your own journey..This is why A GOD in French means a DILDO .. You can not activate the chakras without activating the root RED anger/Sexual expression.. Traffic lights always put RED at the TOP so to keep us inverted and perverted RED is at the bottom its our FIRE that burns the Bunsen Burner of ALCHEMY in the Purest Flames of Matter back to spirit .. From February Uranus the planet of Change goes into ARIES on 14 feb Mars and Uranus are conjunct!! spells wars/mars then for 7 years Uranus is in Aries..this is why CLOCKWORK ORANGE will be activated in humanity because humans have been pussy footing around with suppressed anger and its gonna go POP, its necessary to PURIFY and get humanity on the road home as most people are afraid of themselves.... Humanity will be PURGED artificially as most are still unable to express this basic energy, once you can ride the snake, you become the LAMB of GOD .. Age of the twin peaks is Aquarius/Capricorn and the time when the lamb lies down with the LION Aquarius is the herOs journey home again, the LAMB of GOD only 144,000 people will get through the narrow gate HOME get ready to KNOW THY SELF ... ARIES/MARS is I AM ... You can not be illuminated without this primordial force of nature, as a shoot pushes out of the dark earth you must push out of the Prism we are kept in..

"Thou shalt have no other gods before Me" (Hebrew: לא יהיה־לך אלהים אחרים על־פני‬) is one of the Ten Commandments found in the Hebrew Bible at Exodus 20:2 and Deuteronomy 5:6,[1] which establishes the nature of the relationship between the nation of Israel and its national god, Yahweh the god of Israel,[2] a covenant initiated by Yahweh after delivering the Israelites from slavery through the plagues of Egypt and the Exodus.[3]

In a general sense, idolatry is the paying of divine honor to any created thing.[4] In ancient times, opportunities to participate in the honor or worship of other deities abounded. However, according to the Book of Deuteronomy, the Israelites were strictly warned to neither adopt nor adapt any of the religious practices of the peoples around them.[5] Nevertheless, the story of the people of Israel until the Babylonian Captivity is the story of the violation of the first commandment by the worship of “foreign gods” and its consequences. Much of biblical preaching from the time of Moses to the exile is predicated on the either-or choice between exclusive worship of God and false gods.[6] The Babylonian exile seems to have been a turning point after which the Jewish people as a whole were strongly monotheistic and willing to fight battles (such as the Maccabean Revolt) and face martyrdom before paying homage to any other god.[7]

The Shema and its accompanying blessing/curse reveals the intent of the commandment to include love for the one, true God and not only recognition or outward observance.[8] In the Gospels, Jesus quotes the Shema as the first and Greatest Commandment,[9] and the apostles after him preached that those who would follow Christ must turn from idols. The Catholic Catechism as well as Reformation and post-Reformation theologians teach that the commandment applies in modern times and prohibits the worship of physical idols, the seeking of spiritual activity or guidance from any other source (e.g. magical, astrological, etc.), and the focus on temporal priorities such as self (food, physical pleasures), work, and money, for examples.[10] The Catholic Catechism commends those who refuse even to simulate such worship in a cultural context, since “the duty to offer God authentic worship concerns man both as an individual and as a social being

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