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Expansion and CONTRACTION

Jupiter/MARS aka MARTIAN MARTIN JJ rules ASIA EUROPE ZEUS/SEUZ they rule the Ego and FLESH and the SUN SOLAR FIRE PILLAR the 4 Seasons wheel of 12 and Saturn/America North and South aka NASA with the Moon Lunar Pillar rules the contracted 5 season wheel of 8 that brings us back to the 5th wave it’s a continual UMBILICAL cord expansion and contraction through the ages the UN/NU UMBRELLA we are just under the JF Jelly Fish Dome that OPENS and SHUTS the DIA FRAME of D’ORian Gray is upon us and those who never found the wiz DOME can not gain the 5th wave aka get OFF all FOURS to find your HEAD EDD...

They want to BARBER eLLa the last L AIL Wing to CLIP HER WINGS AILS eLLes to keep us stuck in the N HAINE AIG EGG O Eau .. it’s a never ending Opening and Shutting … HARVEST is what we live now cause Jupiter needs FUEL and he does not like to give up his EMPIRE all those who can successfully escape ALL tHat JAZZ aka AL HA AZ much to do about NOTHING can smoothly transition those who continue to follow the HYPE who still read the NEWS without seeing how the JOKER LAUGHS at your IGNORANCE instead of finding the North East West and South you cannot contract peacefully the fight for wisdom is the battle of the snake within you you either feed it, or become the eagle that sees from above again….

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