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Death and the Girl full blood moon 13/10 in Pisces/Virgo .. the VIRGIN becomes the Woman

A picture i have ... Death and the Girl full blood moon 13/10 in Pisces/Virgo .. the VIRGIN becomes the Woman ..she activates her dark side and becomes Kali or she is destroyed by her own power of destruction and creation.. Hell hath no fury like that of a scorned woman..

Row Row your Rain Bow Brain Row Row your boat gently down the stream to be or not to BEE.. be in AWE/AME Soul Notre DAME DAN T DNA Peau de D'ANE Inanna WH ORE of BabyLON LEON LION ELON NO EL RA ROAR ROW RO/OR ,,, AWE a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder. Awe, Or, Oar, and Ore Sail your own vessel to

D'OR GOLD or DORT/SLEEP .. Or is a conjunction used to offer an alternative. Oar is a tool used to propel a boat through water. Ore is a mineral from which metal can be extracted.

This is the Blood Full Moon that they are using For MARS in Virgo currently as Full Moon is opposite in Jesus Pisces Sun/SON in VirgO This is when RA has his way with MM VirgO Mary Magdalene for the birth of the child of Jesus JOHN SON the Antichrist...the WHORE of BABYLON last black MOMO Moon 1st in VirgO 28/9 and 2nd to come 28/10..after these two black PILLAR Moons are used to create their BAPHOMET BJ Boris John SON babylon Judaism MERGING This is the FAKE MOTHER DESTROYER .... WE are both sides of the coin we are death and Life we go through the Mother CANCER FULL MOON Not GRETA!!!! Mary Magdalene BULL SHIT we enter HIGH CARDINAL MATURE WOMAN to become Capricorn Creation in a human vessel SPIN your tapestry and celebrate your own androgynous male and female within for this FULL MOON

Right Now 13/10 the FULL GRETA Moon in Pisces/Jesus Opposite VirgO MM Mary magdalene the FULL Moon between the Dub 77/LL eLLe MoMo Black Moons also in Virgo opposite Pisces the 28/9 and 28/10 ...

Mars and Venus still in VirgO this is when we all merge the pre adolescent The Mother father FULL MOON and the Old Wise One the 3 Trip eLLe Tripelle Goddess become High cardinal EARTH You need the 4 Tune 4th angEL angLE it takes 4 LLLL to make 7777 is 28 10 X FOUR SPIN out the back door The Full Moon Portal is a FOUR SPIN not a triangulation 777/LLL CRAP TRAP

CANCER ♋️Is The Summer Solstice it makes HALF the Wheel Opposite Capricorn ♑️Cancer ends the Summer to make its half wheel 180 degrees to Capricorn to BEGIN the summer half of the wheel so CANCER is BIRTH and DEATH Creation and destruction and Capricorn is death and birth DESTRUCTION AND CREATION Two sides of the COIN If we dont spin we are destroyed by our own SHIVA CANCER Mother MOON FULL MOON is DARK and LIGHT side ... Shiva the Destroyer: Targeting the Destruction of RNA Polymerase for Cancer Treatment .

How do you HERD SHEEP beautiful Human Spiritual Vessels reduced to SHEEP??? From one Mess AGE to another?? You DUM n DOWN real GOOD .. You Put them asleep for 100 yrs or more as in Sleeping Beauty for you are your PRINCE!!!! You only had to be TWO sides of the coin all you had to do was to LOVE YOUR FNUCKING SELF!!! YuP The Black and White side of YOU!!! Get out of OUTER SPACE and find your INNER SPACE the outside is a DIVINE COMEDY its all FAKE!!! So we may be herded successfully The Divine right to rule was taken from HER and you are being LED when only you can turn LEAD to GOLD... ONLY YOU... We have been denied ALCHEMY its Chemistry you are a ConducTOR/D'OR Thermometer and you are being made HOT and COLD through MEDIA and Social engineering You are GONE SOLID GONE if you think Greta Boris Blow Jobs and TRUMP JOKER Cards are REAL That there is life on MARS??? That any one went to your ARSE the MOON?? NASA is North South AMERICA the True Twin peaks we enter and Bonnie MAC Donald prince Scotty Welsh T REX Romanian Transvestite Char LIE WEB WIND TSAR was not Put in the Amazon EQUA..TOR Equinox jungle for Nothing!!!! in the I AM ZiOn Amazon RA FIRES of the RAM ARIES for NOTHING its all a film REEL ... SMILE you are on candid camera and your higher self is protecting you every step of the way... So turn to your TRIBE now and forget the rest WHO IS YOUR TRIBE??? we are all indigenous people and we rule our own WHIRL... .... WAKE UP HUMANITY and kiss yourselves FREE

Not for Nothing we had the I AM AME/AWE ZION Fire Rituals for this BLOOD MOON Opening into the TEMPEST ... This is The death of the Girl and into the Truth of this passage into the Twin peaks You were numbed with is RA El and Palestine the killing fields are happening and its time to break out of feeding the machine cause guess what.. those that dont see it.. will become the Free energy battery System to the MATERIAL WHIRL and its all FAKE so GROW UP and unplug and stop feeding the BEAST she is being BORN as we speak

Climate Change CC/33 Chritos Columbus CC/33... CruciFICTION.. 88 Constellations as above so below..

Holy SHIT THIS IS the KALI Ritual toGETher.. This is SA South America that is High cardinal EARTH CAPRICORN ruled by Saturn ruler of twin peaks NORTH NASA North Aquarius Air FATHER and SA South America AMA AMAZON InANNA ZION MOTHER Capricorn EARTH/HEART MOTHER.. they DESTROY SA South America to take HER POWER ... This IS the RITUAL to create KALI the destroyer for the new age FAKE energy ... WE are there to keep it strong, stay strong own that Kali and you transMUTE the Tempest sWORD in the sTONE Divine Comedy DAN T DNA ritual

WW/MM 13/13 is 26/26 is 88 MONTHY PI THON TUNA FISH Net Flix WW/MM Man and Woman Womack and Womack .. Mary Mag Mickey Mouse WONDER WOMAN began this fine MESS AGE we are in.. and we all return back to being whole the rest is TRANS MUTABLE Transformers ... Wind in the Willows TEMPEST Wild is the Wind take a Walk on the WILD SIDE TRANS Mutable we are going HOME all of us to the ONE we are the WHOLLY MOLY ...

WW/MM /88 Constellations 33/33 Wonder Willy Wonker Woman ... Mary Magdalene Mary Mary Wind in the Willows the Wombles of WIMBLEDON Wicked Witch of the WEST WAY MM/WW Wild is the WIND Quite Contrary Be the T in the TEMPEST cup of T REX ... You are two sides of the coin

Very intense the OWLS that surround me they are making quite extraORE/OR/AWE/AMEdinary sounds over this FULL MOON they are Contrary Mary Mary quite audacious in the screeches of KALI they Murmur, through out my home and they thump above my head they have me covered they GNOW why I am here ... Thank You Spirit of the Night to hold me so TIGHT in your arms of safety for I AM the ONE within the TWIN FLAME.. The Triangulation, the 4 TUNE and the 5th Symphony is my OWN Orchestra I am the CONDUC TOR

what to do this Full Blood moon 13/10 in VirgO... WALK through the Mir ANDA DNA DAN T Miror mir AGE the pre Sexual into the whole creaTOR and destrucTOR... 4 phases of the Moon that join the 3 week trip eLLe LLL/777 mercury retro 21 days From 21 to state of grace 32/23 23 DNA twin strands 322 skull n bones is the pot of PI rat gold 32 + 32 is 64 23+23 makes 46 when I am 64/46 through the Mir ROAR... I am the four faces of the Moon 28 days.. I am both sides of the MOON dark and light.. break through the Mother Father/ Sun and Moon triangulation with child mercury.. Sulfer.. Salt.. Mercury.. is Father Mother, child as ONE.. own the dark side and there is no walking flat back to the wall you face DEATH and BIRTH.. there is only TRANS MUTATION for those that merge Spirit and Flesh ego fear and empathy love is our compass compassion to make the 4 tune spin..

My God/Dog Sirius Black STAR Dub eLLe MOMO ritual Columbus day 12 October North America AQUARIUS AIR FATHER and now South America NASA CAPRICORN EARTH MOTHER BabyLEON ELON NOEL MUSK SKUM Taking over the Twin peaks ... for Blood FULL Moon to Birth Kali the Destroyer

DONT LET T REX SCOTTY MAC RONALD had a farm BEAM you UP you wind your own whirl UP time to spin as both sides of the coin Black White ... CreaTOR and desTROY OR/GOLD 4 Tune found within BOTH is what we are

You DIED so you could be BORN and we shall DIE again so to PASS THROUGH HER again SHE was always the primordial reflection in the MIR R'OR back to D'OR The CORE ORE AWE/AME Notre D'AME Trans MUTATION TOROS HEART Black Mother MOMO SPIN Creation is Born from Destruction

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