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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Taurus: Venus Aphrodite, Goddess Of Love And Beauty is LIBRA This is ODIN Sagittarius Chiron the Imposter the son of Uranus not Cronos ... Diana the Moon Goddess Venus rules Taurus and Libra feminie in Taurus masculine in Air in Libra Lucy Fer Wings ... Aphrodite is Libra.

MJ Mercury Jupiter Dove n Hawk got the female axis now...Moon in exaltation in Diana Moon Goddess Moon is ruler of Cancer water Kali destruction, Taurus Earth using Cancer instead of VirgO earth merging with Pisces Water and Aquarius Air they Got Libra Air merging with VirgO and Mars Ruler of ScorpiO and Aries Mars taking Taurus, Sun LeO Fire taking Capricorn Earth and Mars the baphomet Alef TAV Taking Taurus DIANA ELO BLACK The B/BEE/13 Ophiuchus with the head of Medusa Jolly Green A L N Moon STAR Taking water Pisces the Sting of IsIs ScorpiO and Voila MOON GODDESS in Taurus the COW A L N AIL L N CLOWN Odin aka Sagittarius Chiron dressed up as the Hunter Feather again Sirius Gemini and Valentine Sagittarius taking ScorpiO Golden gate ISIS and making Lunar gate Silver taurus to be the BULLY Altair Making Taurus his Vache vaccine qui RI IRIS ... when its Venus in exalation Pisces ruler of the Cow Earth female and Libra RED masculine Air ..DIRTY DIANA is OS IRIS/ERIS Rising La Marianne FaithFUll BULLY Free martin ......

The goddess of sexual love and beauty, Aphrodite, was born from the white foam produced by the severed genitals of Uranus, after his son Cronus threw them into the sea.

Diana[a] is a goddess in Roman and Hellenistic religion, primarily considered a patroness of the countryside, hunters, crossroads, and the Moon. She is equated with the Greek goddess Artemis, and absorbed much of Artemis' mythology early in Roman history, including a birth on the island of Delos to parents Jupiter and Latona, and a twin brother, Apollo,[2] though she had an independent origin in Italy.

Diana by Renato Torres (Portalegre), is one of the best and most representative tapestries of the European and Portuguese tapestries of the 20th century.

Diana is considered a virgin goddess and protector of childbirth. Historically, Diana made up a triad with two other Roman deities: Egeria the water nymph, her servant and assistant midwife; and Virbius, the woodland god.[3]

Diana is revered in modern neopagan religions including Roman neopaganism, Stregheria, and Wicca. From the medieval to the modern period, as folklore attached to her developed and was eventually adapted into neopagan religions, the mythology surrounding Diana grew to include a consort (Lucifer) and daughter (Aradia), figures sometimes recognized by modern traditions.[4] In the ancient, medieval, and modern periods, Diana has been considered a triple deity, merged with a goddess of the moon (Luna/Selene) and the underworld (usually Hecate).

You Dont GET IT do you?? cause you are mind controlled, its simple Story of the SEASONS cycles This is the DOVE aka the pigeon Trickster Mercury Gemini being the lil Jack Robin 8 yr old child hero to the grown up Mermaid Nope not the correct ending gang....… its the story of NATURE all you Pompous dick wits its PURE SIMPLICITY female energy is pure and toxic .. YOU are meant to integrate the BEAST and rise above it .. If Mars aka PERSEUS KILLS the Moon TSAR then how do we protect Innocence??????? Spring must descend as Fall does in the bigger picture of life there are two directions of the wind TSAR .. Andromeda aka Pisces aka Venus exalted in Pisces and JJ ruler of Pisces aka Jupiter Jude PETER and Mars ruler of ScorpiO and Aries is the ultimate challenge, you gotta integrate her two extremes mermaid and Medusa Greek mythology, Andromeda is the daughter of the king of Aethiopia, Cepheus, and his wife Cassiopeia. When Cassiopeia boasts that she is more beautiful than the Nereids, Poseidon sends the sea monster Cetus to ravage the coast of Aethiopia as divine punishment. Perseus is just then flying near the coast of Ethiopia on his winged sandals, having slain the Gorgon Medusa and carrying her severed head, which instantly turns to stone any who look at it. Upon seeing Andromeda bound to the rock, Perseus falls in love with her, and he secures Cepheus' promise of her hand in marriage if he can save her. Perseus kills the monster with the magical sword he had used against Medusa, saving Andromeda. Preparations are then made for their marriage, in spite of her having been previously promised to her uncle, Phineus. At the wedding, a quarrel between the rivals ends when Perseus shows Medusa's head to Phineus and his allies, turning them to stone.

I Told you the whole SHAM ROCKY HORROR SHOW was prepared to go Never Ever PP POP CORN WOOLY WALL OV Land for 2024 Paris Eiffel Tower JerK OFF as NEPTUNE enters Pisces last time was Victorian age they are counting on your MENTAL ILLNESS cause Neptune in Pisces 15 yrs is not gonna be fun for the Fluffy FRIGID GANG Just face the Music its all a dream you project and Pay for within the collective SCAM ...

Up until your first Saturn Return at around 29 yrs old, aka your 1st Ministry of Sound cross over... every 29 n half yrs you get a new perspective on you, it’s the MID L BEAT, before that, you are still in your growing Blossoming learning time, Jupiter rules GROWTH and expansion and at about 45 yrs old, Saturn moves in to take you HOME through Contraction again... but there is a MIDWAY SHIFT from Uranus at about 45 yrs old too the MID LIFE CRISIS and again at around 59 yrs old a 2nd Saturn Return and again at about 88yrs old.... Jupiter cycles is every 12 yrs and generally brings a personal reset and Luck.. All the Planets move in Pendulums totally Unique to your exact time of entry... you don’t know until you are at the breakeven point of these passages, who you really are, nor your inner WORTH nor your true Values.. This inner Gold and Silver is found through Trial and Error alone and you have prepared yourself to be triggered for exactly your purpose, its music a musical comedy and tragedy

Here Comes NEPTUNE POISODON into Pisces ... Gypsy’s Rule the Show and they KNOW that when Neptune gets into PISCES if you don’t have your HP in balance your Harmonic TRUTH you will SAIL AWAY cause if you match your values to a Lie you BECOME IT and most will LOSE IT get centred, find your true WORTH and LIVE IT… BEHOLD IT cause you have to sail your own vessel and Ride your own Spirt … WE are Birthing the New FOALS of HER Watery Petals, Surf your own waves by knowing the TIDES of your N AMY Know thy N A ME

FOALS - Neptune [Official Music Video]


The MOON KEY KING KONG DING DONG BELL CHIRON LAST CHI RHO is Sagittarius The FOALS The Cenataur FELL and ODIN MER LION MERLIN takes the force of the water ScorpiO ISIS Cancer KALI and PIsces MEDUSA as The COW CLOWN COW LN HELL N HAINE AIL AIGN is LN .... The Dove and the Hawk Gemini Sagittarius take the MILKYWAY MOON MILK KLIM underwhirl Taurus ScorpiO killed and ERIS IRIS ISHTAR the FAKE MAMA La marianne is used by Cyrus OSIRIS ODIN as his Fueled by the Shore Shell L Waters of EUROPE

Neptune is JUPITER ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces FOALS CLOWNS COW LN's

The MOON KEY KING KONG DING DONG BELL CHIRON LAST CHI RHO is Sagittarius The FOALS The Cenataur FELL and ODIN MER LION MERLIN takes the force of the water ScorpiO ISIS Cancer KALI and PIsces MEDUSA as The COW CLOWN COW LN HELL N HAINE AIL AIGN is LN .... The Dove and the Hawk Gemini Sagittarius take the MILKYWAY MOON MILK KLIM underwhirl Taurus ScorpiO killed and ERIS IRIS ISHTAR the FAKE MAMA La marianne is used by Cyrus OSIRIS ODIN as his Fueled by the Shore Shell L Waters of EUROPE .......

"Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to Hatred turn'd, Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman scorn'd." Cupid and Valentine aka CV negative SPIN of the VC Victoria Cross 322/223 SPIN SPINE SIN AC/DC Alternating and Direct CURRENT MERGE as ONE at the cross roads of LOVE and HATE aka L and N HELL/AIL and HAINE is HELEN of TROY and PARIS PAR/GO IS/IsIs is KILLED the SERPANT ScorpiO Europe is replaced with Mr TUMNUS La TARTUFFE JOKER 13/B Ophiuchus The JOLLY GREEN Pharmaceutical CC/33 Climate Change CRAP TRAP MJ Mercury and Jude Peter Jupiter Mick Jagger becomes PARIS and LA Marianne Faithfull is L HAINE LUCY FER Rising ERIS IRIS OSIRIS ... Vaccines is the POISON of IGNORANCE the SNAKE KILLING YOU LA VACHE qui RIT the COW L N CLOWNS… you need your SNAKE alive and kicking its your very own personal Immunity system and the only way you can keep Tempered in correct Harmonic Temperance The Snake is your Physical LIFE FORCE that takes orders from your Higher self-SPIRIT if not your snake is no longer your own KNOW thy NAME HAINE/N AM Y

24/4 12/12/12/12/12/12/12/12 24/42 x 4 aka Jupiter RN 124 is 7 last leg Spin seventh seal R closes last spin of the N North Polaris which is HERE As the Moon is Waxing Cresent on LA MARIANNE as Uranus is conjunct Sun mercury and venus in ARIES Mercury 96.9 visibilty and 40 longitude Latitude aka 4x4 RR wheel Drive.. Venus 99 Visibility and 41 longitude aka 14 pieces of Osiris Jupiter RENARD RENE WOLF FOX Puss in Boots in Aquarius on the last LEG Jude Peter and Paul approaches D'Artganan Mars on the wand of MER LION LIN LEON MUSK and Saturn still at home JC and J REnarde C aka 13/13 JC/JC aka MM LOUP LOOP LOVE LOUVE LOUVRE CUPID and VALENTINE WOLF/FLOW Fox and the Crow opening of Burning Burning Bright Fake LIGHT...

Jean-René Cazeneuve, député du Gers : "La visite de Jean Castex est décisive pour la RN 124" is 7

Visiting the Home of the DART in the AIN N D'ART Aignan D'ARTagnan RAT PI RAT/ART RN aka the sWORD in the sTone the Romulus Remus last R closes the Polaris N NORTH last Musk a TEAR and Last Mutable GAP last Leg Home opened ... Obviously the prime Minister comes from VIC Fezensac ...


Gers : Quand Lupiac fait rêver le journal "Le Monde"

“Courageous, unconcerned, sarcastic, violent –thus wisdom wants us: she is a woman and always loves only a warrior.”- Friedrich Nietzsche. Painting - Minerva Victorious over Ignorance by Bartholomäus Spranger


LN AIL AIGN the LAST L 90 degree ange77e 77 is HELEN HELL N of TROY and PAR IS Go IsIs enter ERIS IRIS OSIRIS and ERIS Jupiter and VirgO Rising the VACHE VACCINE qui RIT the COW LN CLOWNS.....

The Wings of the imposter Hawk Joker Jupiter Valentine aka the Whales TAIL sWORD in the sTONE and Mercury the Dove the MJ Tricksters Mutable FIRE and AIR CV 322 Cupid and Valentine the Wings but they are the descent down under stealing the last KISS of EuroPe water Pisces .....



Shows how the Snake Cycles CHANGE and how we are being artificially herded White Europe is OVER We should contract BACK into a harmonious closure but the next few hundred yrs is HARVEST as those that take vaccines lose all spiritual connection to higher SELF The battle of TSAR WARS is upon us cause JOJO is ZEUS/SEUZ JUPITER FIRE and ICE expansion Flesh and GREED

THE TRIP LLL 777 Alistaier CrOWly VACH qui rit IRIS TRAP you need the last L AIG LEGG

More Like you can sit with us, but make sure you SHUT UP and Play DUMB talk about NOTHING of any importance or depth play the fool and make sure you are on all fours cause we dont STAND up to our higher self here we FIT IN , lower your level of consciousness down so you don’t stick out and bore the fnuck out of us, just speak about total rubbish, look pretty, seduce and pretend, just dont ever be YOURSELF cause we dont like what you ARE.. talk stupid, be a BITCH or FNUCK OFF...

Today 2yrs agO was ISHTAR Easter AIG EGG Dart in the Heart D'ART AIGNAN day aka Cupid and Valentine DAY it was the last time that 8 Bulls were killed because Venus takes 8yrs to do the five pointed star which is the shape of our AIGN TREE ENTRY in AIGN AIG EGG LEGG AIN N Haine .. They wont ever have those rituals again because 2019 Ishtar day was the LAST ritual to open the BJ JB GATES into the LAST LEG aka COVID 19 VIrus CV 322 our post code obviously.... the last Lupercalia sacrifice To celebrate Lupercalia the members of the order of Roman priests called 'Luperci' assembled in the sacred cave where Romulus and Remus were supposed to have been taken care of by the she-wolf. The priests would then sacrifice a dog for purification and a goat for fertility.

So when Pasteur created the rabies vaccine, he suggested that we start using the word vaccination to mean any time we inoculate against any infection, just like we use the word today. Those who speak French know that cow is 'VACHE” COW MO'sCOW LN CLOWN in French – and French, a Latin language, has Latin roots. Vache = vaccine. Voila.I am going to start showing people in courses how to C … V for Victory is V/22 and LA VACHE qui RIT is IRIS NOT ISIS the original GAP milkyway Gateway ScorpiO Taurus MILKYWAY ScorpiO Water ISIS Killed and Taurus made masculine as Odin MERLIN SIRIUS becomes the CLOWN COW LN HELL N Last L AIL AIGN .. Head of SNAKE North Node is ON Taurus Now the Horse shoe of the MILK COW WAY Closure and Tail is currently on ScorpiO they take 18 yrs aka 180 HALF of 360 PI ANO DIVISION L B/13 AIL and they spend 18 yrs in each sign aka VENUS ruler of Taurus spends 18 Months to go from 0 to full Visibility she is at 99 RED Balloons Visibility NOW aka 99 is 66 aka 22/V 22/V 22/V you need the last V L 1 7 for true inner vicTORy .. Lilith The true EAGLE ISIS that should rise again but ERIS La Marianne the COW that laughs BULLY Me Too Fake GretA pipi Long Stocking is risen as OS IRIRS ODIN MER LION MERLIN Fake Ophiuchus 13/B SIGN The HELEN of Troy and PAR IS Go IsIs

Un chef étoilé invente 18 recettes avec de la Vache qui rit "Une cuisine ludique"

A l'occasion des 100 ans du célèbre fromage à tartiner jurassien, le directeur de la Maison de la Vache qui rit a demandé au chef étoilé Romuald Fassenet de créer des recettes pour le sublimer. Un défi qu'il a relevé haut la main par goût du partage et de l'enfance, raconte-t-il au micro d'Europe 1.

24 avril 2021

UR ANUS 84 yr Cycle currently in Aries ruled by MARS BARS Parallel LINES NEILS NIELS

Solar and Lunar Pillars are what HOLDS the Kingdom Of Saturn UP our inner DIA FRAME DOME sun and moon Sol O Mon SPIRIT of the HOLY COW are Over Rover... they merge within us as we find our Head Start and the equinox becomes the Solstice again, we stand up straight and the wheel closes the PAKMAN AMMIT shuts and Saturns kingdom opens we return to SATURN ...Uranus the FAKE Lord of the GOLD SOLAR FIRE RING is the Current Imposter in V for Victory Aries ruled by MARS as South Node is in ScorpiO ruled by Mars too, UR Anus and Mars the baphomet Root Red Sexual EgO Chakra and Sexual Organs .. Uranus is our daily Bread the Conscious Mind and it’s UR ANUS PI ANO hung upside down that wants to Rule the Wheel Killing the Subconscious Mind PlutO, the unconscious collective BEAST as The Water Whirl is taken over by Ophiuchus and PlutO our subconscious they have made into ScorpiO OCCULT all that is concealed from us Our Subconscious mind is Veiled from us only the wisdom can bring you Past JoeJoe Jude paul and Peter Pan and PIE... Saturn and Pluto are the Mind matter and Spirit Found and merged again gates home and Uranus and Jupiter is the Fleshy Fearful gate Keepers UNDER if you dont have the FOUR corners ....

URANUS CYRUS Concsious Mind works with Jupiter desire in the FLESH keeper of Four Corners always only 3 legs EGGS Visible the hidden soul dier last leg CORN HER

You Got This Buddy...


The Wheel Began as we fell from Air father Aquarius heaven Fixed and Capricorn Earth High cardinal Wise old Tribal Grand Mother. We are of Spirit and Soul and Mind .. Gypsy’s are Sagittarius 9th door where Soul and Mind first met SPIRIT Mutable FIRE JOJO Jupiter the centaur and Pisces 12th door Pirates and mermaids, last door out 12th house… Masculine Spirit FIRE Horse Sag is Good is for you Earth and Air Gang to raise your SPIRIT you need Water Tides, Female Spirt to Know her ever changing Mood Swings and Turbulent TURBAN Waves and TEARS and Warmth and Cold and every Oceans Mood and Tempered C Sea you need to KNOW what the FLIGHT animal HORSE is, How to Walk between Sand and Sea and how to Ride the Beast between land and Air.. to regain Sprit and still remain grounded and above emotions to be a spiritual Man to get past door 12th and 9th Aka 1st and last doors of the Expansion JJ back to contraction 11th House Aquarius and 10 house Capricorn The TWIN PEAKS is Saturn … learning how to Fly, Swim, Climb and Ride as Most people do manage to attain how to Drive, Dodge and Deal, Mercury and How to Serve, Sweat, and Settle VirgO, Mercury. the GURU is The Horse Sagittarius Jupiter the Bohemian Rhapsody RockA Fella Show and the Pisces Fishes are the Prophet or the Gangster Lock Nessy Nelly Sea Horse Whale and Whore of the Shelly Shore and the Medusa of the Sea MOON Tsar…. How to Meet the JOKER HORSE half way how to BOND with the animal of FLIGHT That’s how The Green Man steals the DEER Taurus and becomes Osiris Odin Jude Pete and Paul LucyFer cause Its a Flight animal as Sagittarius Horse .. you need to KNOW what the FLIGHT animal HORSE is..

Best Moments from the Pink Panther Films


PINK is RED Air and White Water Solar Lunar Pillars and yup thats not the Black Panther its the JOKER they TELL YOU Mr SEUZ always lots of head banging cause they dont want you to find your CAP CAPE Noddy HAT EDD oh what aLAUGH n a HALF when you know all spells must be TOLD this is how they TELL YOU through CULT UR UR ANUS at 13:31 Minutes aka MM PIE they show you behind him the eclipse CROSS and the X marks the spot aka NOW and 2024 games close the 2017 Paris Texas 2024 CROSSS OVER eclipses... This makes me laugh so much did as a child too Loved these films, cause EVERY SCENE Script is about NOW and there are symbols the whole way through so Funny ... They are making Paris TROY and L N ERIS and they are laughing at the PRIDE LEON Babylon of paris actually think they are the true power with their Narnia ARSE Land OLympic games.. its all a PLAY on what we live NOW and Europe being The Hidden last LEG giving the MOON Key Monkey King Kong Ding a DONG to Cock O Doodle Sun King Rising DOO to Paris laughing at La marianne Liberty equality Fraternity Farce CC Climate Change SHAM ROCK watch out for JB JJuan BrancO Rising Bugsy malone style ....

The DEAR Hunter Russian Roulette Yellow Asia Red America was the Change of Guards for

Europe and America to now Marry with ASIA

You have had ample opportunity and time to find your mission in this age ender AGENDER we each have a role and most have not found theirs yet you did not come to be a spectator but a player and then a WEAVER in how this story unfolds ...

The BELL of L is B/13/B/L The N HAINE AIGN EGG O Eau and the Leg AIG L'AIG/L the N is the two VV's for VicTORy 77 LL VV 11 AIL WINGS LEGGS of the TRI ANGLE the BITCH is the Sea Shell of eLLe HELL HELEN L/N of TROY and Paris is her Baphomet Petit PINCE Peter Pan Nail AIL WING CLIPPER The Tight Rope fine Line Sea Shore Horse Whore or the B/13 BEACH either way until you see the simplicity of the Wheel of the opnening and shutting of eLLe L is HER The medusa of SEA and the Dragon of Land the D'OR Orion Gray Milky Way DIA FRAME Dome of the JJ Jelly Fish that opens and shuts with her tides ... KALI Motherhood Nurturing Smothering destruction SUMMER The Goat Aspirtaions Ambitions and leadership 69 Cancer Capricorn 96 Death and rebirth Solstice High Cardinal female cancer water and CREATION High cardinal CAP CAPE CapriCORN Saturn Mountain PEAK female earth cardinal CAP and The original Opening of her Cancer MILKY Moon of the Cow Taurus Fixed earth and ScorpiO Fixed water Venus/Mars Equinox silver Golden gates and VirgO Mutable Virgin/Whore and High preistess of Alchemy earthly Ripe harvest and Mutable Water Spritual Heights Mermaid and The MoonStar of the depths of fear and illusion ... Rose Red VirgO and Rose White Pisces Mercury and Jupiter MJ .... Always water and earth is female the SEA and the Shore....

WATER High Cardinal ruled by MOON CANCER/KALI Destruction ScorpiO FIXED ISIS and PISCES Mutable The C ALGOL MEDUSA ....

Can you SEE through the MIR ROAR yet its all archetypes we are told through FILM entertainment Music Sport CULT uR Vulture So GIGI g1g1 aka G7 JL the JOKER CUT Yellow Asia Jude Paul and White Water Jude peter the change of guards is here Lunar White back to Asia Yellow with mars as the centre and mercury as PAN ODIN and Jupiter MJ JM Tiperrary TIP The Older man and the Rachel Back to BLACK EARTH Mutable female Earth marries with JOJO Jupiter and mercury The LOLITA Lucy BAAL Jude Flesh works with Jupiter Pete and paul 42 J+ 42 J aka 84 URANUS Lord of the Golden and Lunar RING the IMPOSTER the GURU the Mr WHO BEE GEE GEE G1G1 13/B and DOO LITTLE Ruled by UR ANUS who is in Aries MARS V for VicTORy at the moment TinKer BELL/L/HELL Pretty Woman Snow White Sleeping Beauty and LA MARIANNE is being offered to Consort MERLIN LUCY FER Delights of the Cherry Orchard The Beach is the BITCH Sand and water Grance fades.. The Pygmalion My Fair Laddy St Trinian's Pippy Long stocking, BB/22/V Brigitte bardoT Barbare77a carey Amy Wine House Megan LUCY Greta VIRGO Mary Magdalene Brigette Jones Cindere77a Madonna Miranda ALICE CERN in wonder Milky way land, The whore of Babylon When she is good she is very good when she is bad she is HORRID HORUS is being Risen and she is only 14 yrs old Liberty Equality and Fraternity 777 is 3 LEGS you need the last e77e VirgO Ruled by mercury she is GIGI 99PP Red balloons The CHERRY on the IC I Scream .. Dressed in Blue and RED Libra RED Air and Venus BLUE in fall on SPICA the BLUE STAR in VirgO Check out MaMa Guru and presexual High priestess of Boaz and Jachin sits between the JB JB Pillars .... RED WHITE Europe Water and Blue FRANCE and Red America India MexicO

the Pygmalion is a legendary figure of Cyprus in Greek mythology who was a king and a sculptor. He is most familiar from Ovid's narrative poem Metamorphoses, in which Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved

film tutorial 11 - Gigi scene

The Division BELL e77e is Gonna HIT so fast, get ready dont let them seperate the CORE of us, Its gonna be US and them and THEM and US all planned through Covid CV Skull n Bone SPIN WhirlPool Tempest they will find the TARGET and children will be taken, people accused of being BAD PEOPLE cause the Chaos is all done by AGENT Provocateurs dont you see it... people falsley accused, infectors of a whole Mind Game cant you see it coming it will be massive do not take sides, stay neutral do not participate in the whole SHAM ROCK Rocky Horror Show ... ROUND UP is the speciality of the JOLLY GREEN GIANT BFG is here...

UR ANUS Pi ANO....This is NOT the true twin peak RULER SATURN

Why i dont do moterways i prefer windy lanes... they condition you to go straight down the LINE into the NET FLIX Yup the ROAD is Long and straight FIXED is CruciFRIED DC Direct Current you need to FLOW Why do you think we have been programmed all our lives in film and music by the Desert Highway Hotel KALI Porn Fornication LA WOMAN the BITCH back to Black is BACK we go from the SEA Beach Horse Whore SHORE Sea Pisces Sand VirgO to The Dessert Highway Sand VirgO and Jupiter Automobile Carriage Prince Pilippe in his Horse drawn Chariot Fire ROADS Rome Straight LINE NIEL NEIL KNEEL ROADS and Cupid Gemini RUNWAYS PI LOTS Doves of Fake peace Lovy Dovy and PI RATS


Venus HEART Exaltaded LOVE Cupid in Pisces Venus HEART In VirgO in detriment Valentine CV 322 Skull n Bones genisis 3:22 HEART IC GLASS ICE Queen Bee B/13 JOKER CLOWNS Mercury in detriment in Pisces and in Exaltation in VirgO Trick a Treat and Greta Pippi Long Stockings The MAY POLE MARIANNE ODIN DiscO BAAL HAINE/AIGN/HAINE POlaris Polar Bear SHIFT


Cupid DOVE Valentine HAWK ... P.S .. S.W.A.L.K SEALed with a Loving KISS Peter does not SELL Sea Shells at the C SHORE its the HORSE WHORE .....

TYGER TYGER ORange to Black IRRIS the O eau D'OR RORO RR Romulus Remus Wolf Twins

The Whales TAIL Will I AM TELL the wigs of the Imposter LUCY FER sWORD in the sTONE

The BAAL HAINE Baleine


The doors of the city will close and the Atlantic Walls too.. The Clowns/ N... C/OWLS COW LN's Vach qui IRIR RIS have been let loose never ever be intimidated by them and they FADE its all a GAME G AME G7 JL 77 MIND FNUCK TEST TEMP EST they are playing their roles out, as we all should be, simply to trigger you HOME TOM MO OM ...



Mars on ODIN MERLIN 24/42 of 4 4 x 24 RR Range Rover Rolls Royce LADDY LADY JOCKEY

The DEAR HUNTER CHIRON CHI RHO LAST LEG ODIN Ophiuchus Sagittarius JUDE PETE and PAUL is 42+42 is 84 UR ANUS Takes Taurus and makes her the Moon Goddesss ALDERBARREN MERLIN


So Do you get it Now ... Cupid Mercury merges aith Pisces Jupiter and Now Jupiter Fire merges with VirgO and Kills BILLY CAPE CAP RIT CORN as HIS to make the B/13 sign Ophiuchus and MARS takes Taurus as ODIN MERLIN Taurus becomes DIANA the Moon Goddess MOON KEY in exaltation The Black madonna and Baby Cupid Mercury King of the underwhirl in Taurus ruled by VENUS the female EARTH MOTHER COW .... Diana was never a HUNTER This is OSIRIS ERIS IRRIS The new COW LN HELEN ......

Diana The MOON GODDESS TAURUS turned into Mr Tumnus and LUCY ODIN and IRIS