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BULLS EYE Lord of the Rings Fire eclipse Black Moon on Aldebaran Odyssey 2001 2021 G7 Last LEG

DONT lose your HEAD its your 5th body member HOW WOW ii 50 New Wave for those who stay above the Nail Clippers G7 Last Leg This is Lord of the Rings MOMO HAM ED and LEE ... LAST LEG

A rare type of solar eclipse that creates a 'ring of fire' around a blacked out Sun will cast a dramatic shadow over Russia and Canada later this week

The Hidden HAND of Dr WHO super GLUE HER ELLO RED... RED AIR INDIA USA and YELLOW ASIA ELLO Hong KING KONG FLUieeeee PHONEY PHOOEY PHOO POO 1968 flu pandemic, also called Hong Kong flu pandemic of 1968 or Hong Kong flu of 1968, global outbreak of influenza that originated in China in July 1968 and lasted until 1969–70. The outbreak was the third influenza pandemic to occur in the 20th century; it followed the 1957 flu pandemic and the influenza pandemic of 1918–19. The 1968 flu pandemic resulted in an estimated one million to four million deaths, far fewer than the 1918–19 pandemic, which caused between 25 million and 50 million deaths.


You Need Two Hands and Two FEET to make the TWIN PEAKS 5 WAVE HEAD EDD 50 05 POP CORN WALL G7 last LEG MilkY Way Passage BULLS eYe

The GASCON BERRY HAT is the CHERRY on the I SCREAM Hidden Hand Last LEG If you want to get A...HEAD get a HAT

Eclipse is on CAP HAT ELLA CAPELLA Tip of MilkyWay on Aldebaran BARBER ELLA Last leg Hung Upside Down


The ring of fire is best viewed from Qaanaaq, a town in Northwest Greenland, but should be visible across much of Canada and Russia.

People in the Northeastern US will get to view a rarer sight than the ring of fire - a partially eclipsed sun at sunrise.

This unusual and rare sunrise eclipse will be visible up the Atlantic coast, according to astronomers.

From South Carolina and moving north, skygazers should look north just after sunrise to spot the Moon taking a bite out of our star as it slowly rises over the horizon.

Philadelphia, New York and Boston will see 70 per cent of our star eclipsed by the Moon during sunrise.

A small stretch of coast in the US, in New Jersey and New York, will see 'red devil horns,' also known as the crescent sun.

UK stargazers will see the sun with a 'bite taken out of it' as the highest level of eclipse will be 32 per cent in northern Scotland, going as low as 20 per cent in southern England.

Rare 'ring of fire' solar eclipse will cast a dramatic shadow over Russia and Canada this week - with a partial eclipse seen from the UK and US

SherGAN Missing Horse 1999 Sher S HER is a LIE ON or a TYGER TYGER and GAR is a BLOKE in French or a BITCH GARCE RA AR GAN GANNE a WIN or is an OATHE or a freshwater bony fish

the four Legs are the Four Ls aka AILES WINGS the 4 legs spin around the N aka LN HELEN L HAINE AIN TREE and the Ls LEGGs is the EGG that spins around the N HAINE AIN TREE The NORTH POLARIS has four legs the North East West South aka NEWS We only see three legs 777 111 LLL VVV above the horizon The AC MC DC and the IC is hidden but there is always the missing LEG HAND a horse with NO name is he who never finds the Unknown SOUL DIER missing Leg cause you need FOUR Leggs to SPIN 3 6 9 and 12 the last swinging DOOR outta here is NEVER TOLD the swastika is the spinning WHEEL LEGS N E W S NEWS

Shergar (3 March 1978 – c. February 1983) was an Irish-bred, British-trained Thoroughbred racehorse. After a very successful season in 1981 he was retired to the Ballymany Stud in County Kildare, Ireland. In 1983 he was stolen from the stud, and a ransom of £2 million was demanded; it was not paid, and negotiations were soon broken off by the thieves. In 1999 a supergrass, formerly in the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), stated they stole the horse. The IRA has never admitted any role in the theft.

Only 3 legs Visible 777 111 VVV LLL

The Aga Khan, Shergar's owner, sent the horse for training in Britain in 1979 and 1980. Shergar began his first season of racing in September 1980 and ran two races that year, where he won one and came second in the other. In 1981 he ran in six races, winning five of them. In June that year he won the 202nd Epsom Derby by ten lengths—the longest winning margin in the race's history. Three weeks later he won the Irish Sweeps Derby by four lengths; a month after that he won the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes by four lengths. In his final race of the year he came in fourth, and the Aga Khan took the decision to retire him to stud in Ireland.

After Shergar's Epsom Derby win, the Aga Khan sold 40 shares in the horse, valuing it at £10 million. Retaining six shares, he created an owners' syndicate with the remaining 34 members. Shergar was stolen from the Aga Khan's stud farm by an armed gang on 8 February 1983. Negotiations were conducted with the thieves, but the gang broke off all communication after four days when the syndicate did not accept as true the proof provided that the horse was still alive. In 1999 Sean O'Callaghan, a former member of the IRA, published details of the theft and stated that it was an IRA operation to raise money for arms. He said that very soon after the theft, Shergar had panicked and damaged his leg, which led to him being killed by the gang. An investigation by The Sunday Telegraph concluded that the horse was shot four days after the theft.

No arrests have ever been made in relation to the theft. Shergar's body has never been recovered or identified; it is likely that the body was buried near Aughnasheelin, near Ballinamore, County Leitrim. In honour of Shergar, the Shergar Cup was inaugurated in 1999. His story has been made into two screen dramatisations, several books and two documentaries.

They Shoot Horses Don't They Scissor Sista Female Milky Way Axis Taurus ScorpiO close the wheel on the solstice so we find our HEAD 5th element body member They Kill HER so ELLO RED Cupid valentine masculine axis keeps the hidden HAND

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We are at the BULLS EYE NOW between the two solar eclipses

Two total solar eclipses will occur in the U.S. in the span of about seven years, the first on August 21, 2017, and the second on April 8, 2024. ... Areas outside the path of totality for the 2024 eclipse will get a partial solar eclipse only.

We are at the BULLS EYE NOW Odyssey 2001 is 2021