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BrexiT DramA

I just glanced at the Brexit Date on the BBC 223 322 Skull n Bones site and time 29/3 at 11am that is 11 3 11 !!!!!!!!!!!! i also just drew the chart THIS IS a 7yr WAR this is the fruition of the eclipses just had including Kiss of Judas coming up 21st January. and of 9/11 when Rahu was in Gemini the TWINS as it is on this chart RAHU/gemini/Alpha and Ketu/libra/Omega they move in on the 7th of March after two 007 black moons November and December in LIBRA that’s LIBER 777 … 9/11 Saturn and Pluto were opposite in gemini sagittarius now they are conjunct as they were for WW2 and in 1850 when this death ritual began… Mars in ALDERBARREN Square to Venus in Fomalhaut I will do a video obviously but for now i am in total shock of the chart i am looking at... Humanity i have not come to Earth to not prepare those i LOVE… RAHU KETU in Gemini and Sagittarius LIKE 9/11 … opposition on the ALPHA OMEGA!!!! Asc/ Dec .. Saturn moon Pluto in 7th house JUDGEMENT the Good the bad and the uglyl!!! conjunction Saturn/Pluto/Moon 7th house Trine Mars/Wars to 7th house Moon Jupiter square Neptune and Neptune square Uranus!!!! Neptune trine Rahu on the Alpha Asc is mass CHAOS... Aries energy WAR … Uranus just entered Aries for 7 years They are conjunct on next eclipse …. Sagittarius is The Sultans of Swing … Jew Petes TSAR Jupiter on the thigh of the HERO Ophiuchus SCORPIO THE SNAKE OF DAN!!!!!!! Tribu de DANA Peau d'ANE ...ZAD/ADN/DAN Judgment time..Venus on Fomalhaut ! GET THE FUCK READY TIME… LEAVE ENGLAND/EUROPE and any Commonwealth ISLANDS…. GET FOOD …. GET OUT OF CITIES STOCK UP … Victoria Cottonwood Ophiuchus holds apart the serpent which with its mighty spirals and twisted body encircles his own, so that he may untie its knots and back that winds in loops. But, bending its supple neck, the serpent looks back and returns: and the other's hands slide over the loosened coils. The struggle will last forever, since they wage it on level terms with equal powers".

Ohhh Dear .. it was all a seth up 1850 till now.. I only just knew Brexit was now this looks just like the BI BULL Kiss of Judas in Scorpio 4th house is the people, Moon in Half mast ruler of Cancer...Rahu in Cancer, in 11th House under Twins Gemini, Ketu in 5th house Babylon in Capricorn under Sagittarius, conjunct Pluto, Sun, Mercury and Saturn, in the Leo/Lion Gates.... Uranus makes T square RetrO from Aries in Pisces to Rahu and Ketu !! .... 5th house Planets inconjunct to Leo ascendant Kiss of Judas Venus Jupiter/Judas/Jew PeteTsar on Antares fourth hourseman D'Artagnan.. 4th house kiss of judas. Loup 4th corner/house.. makes Trine to 5th house and to HALF Moon in Aries/War, Moon sits on the head of LEVI The beast that comes out of the Abyss , sextile Neptune/confusion to Saturn/Control , Mars square Saturn Neptune square Venus/Judas ... and Uranus...WOW stay safe ... Stay cool, and slowly and calmly detach .

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