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Updated: Feb 22, 2019

So regarding info on the 22nd June event, i checked out chart for 22 June 2019, I chose this time 22 11 pm because the Universal time is 21/11 is 9/11 and North and South Node are at 22 degrees too so is Jupiter in scorpiO, I looked at a few different times before falling on this chart, this makes ascending at exactly 20 degrees 20/Scorpio energy on Sagittarius Sultans of swing religion belief programs philosophy Sagittarius is ruled by Jew Pete Tzar/Jupiter too and North Node on the Descendant in Gemini On SIRIUS at 20 degrees also, Mercury Rules Gemini thats MJ Mick Jagger/Michael jack’Son Mutable skull n Bone cross 322. South Node/Ketu is conjunct on ASC with Saturn and PlutO and North Node in Gemini is conjunct Mercury/Orange 5g Mars/Wars and JunO/STING . So Opposition Mars to Pluto and Saturn is BIG Mercury is square to Uranus/Electric shock with vesta/Virgin Mary POP energy in 3rd house of communications/5g/Nuclear energy.

We have a T square between Opposition of Jupiter RetrOgrade in ScorpiO on Antares and Venus in Taurus on the Fake philosophers stone Aldebaran they were conjunct Kiss of Judas for the eclipse and blood Moon of 21st of January 2019 the T square is between Jupiter Venus and Neptune/Confusion and Neptune is square Venus Jupiter is also inconjunct to North Node Rahu on descendant gemini,,, The main feature being that 9/11 was also when PlutO and Saturn were opposite each other and Rahu/North Node and Ketu/South Node were also conjunct to PlutO Saturn in that opposition in Gemini and Sagittarius 18 yrs before this is the 2nd POP Twin event/Gemini is Twins…9/11 the Asc Dsc vertical line was on the mutable cross too but ended Pisces/Jesus and VirgO Virgin Mary/Europe/Water this is the final breaking of her waters to birth the RED/Black Twin peak age we enter we leave Europe four realms closed, Mary POPins and busting the hearts of the English Poppy POPeye was all a sick trap... The 29 March Brexit chart is also on the ascendant Gemini and descendant Sagittarius with Rahu in Sagittarius and Ketu in Gemini ascendant with conjunction of Saturn Pluto… and the moon the people in between with Mars and Venus square to each other, What is important for us to know is this is the Mid way point and we have the ability to step OUT of the wheel now, I show you what’s happening but we must meditate, Pluto Saturn is all about turning lead to Gold and we have the chance to escape the game now before we go POP … the telegraphs BLACK JACK “Ficitional” Slide show of terrorist attacks Operation Blackjack appeared on the London Telegraph’s website in January 2009.

20 June London 2 pm 10th house Gemini Rahu on Sirius conjunct Mercury/Twins/Pan and Mars/Wars Rahu/North Node and JunO/Sting Ketu in Sagittarius 4th house PlutO/Transfromation Saturn/Destruction conjunct... as they were oppositeon 9/11, 18 yrs ago, Uranus Vesta conjunct in 8th house of death, square Moon in Capricorn...

The Telegraph is a known mouthpiece for MI5, and the series was immediately identified by many as “predictive programming” for the next major terror attack an attempt to normalize extraordinary planned events. They actually give the kick off date as 20 June at 2 pm which gives us exactly the same skull n Bones MJ Mutable CROSS as 9/11 the ASC/DSC vertical Line is VIRGO/Pisces and the MC/IC is Gemini/Sagittarius 9/11 has PlutO Saturn opposite each other and 20 June has PlutO and Saturn Conjunct… Saturn and pluto end in 2020 a 1850 / 2020 Synodic Astrology cycleThe Saturn-Pluto Synodic CyclesA Historical Exploration read here……/Saturn-Pluto-history.html WW2 began as Uranus entered Aries as it does NOW for 7 years and PlutO and Saturn were conjunct as they are NOW…. In the 20 June Chart For London at 2pm we see that Uranus is in the 8th house of Death/Rebirth and North Node/Rahu South Node/Ketu are in Gemini Twins and Sagittarius Sultans of swing… as they were for 9/11 The degrees of Rahu and ketu are at 23 degrees both Jupiter and Saturn are at 23 degrees too this is the TWIN 322 Skull n Bones Kick Off or BBC 223 Boloshevick Broadcasting Corruption second event as we prepare to end this age… The Telegraph says it will be Nuclear but it may just be kick off date of ClockWork Orange 5g MAY HEM.. To break down the old infrastructures and bring in the NWO Luciferian Hell Hole ….and to DePOPulate….But for sure we enter 7 years of 777 LIBER/ERIS Alpha Omega end of an Age 9/11 as above so below here.....

June 21st at 12 pm also from Black jack slide show we have Venus/Lucifer ON ALDEBARAN the cross is on the four fixed stars .......

June 22 also a Black Jack date and time 8 03 am we have 12th 6th house ending of Pisces/Virgo in Gemini and Sagittarius Uranus Vesta and Eris conjunct in Aries

20/21/23 Summer Solstice you cant make this shit up...

9/11 Chart is very similar to the 22 June one above....Rahu Ketu both in Gemini/Sagittarius the Asc Desc in Gemini/Sagittarius on above chart and the Asc Dsc is on VirgO Pisces in the below chart... mars is conjunct to Rahu in below chart and conjunct ketu in above chart,,, PlutO Saturn conjunct above and opposite below in exactly the same signs, Mercury on the ascendant both times, both on the Mutable skull n bones cross Michael jackson mercury Jupiter Black JACK Jupiter rules Sagittarius Pisces and mercury rules Gemini Virgo....

They will not teach you astrology and they have everyone on the wrong constellations so no one can read as above so below...... It seems obvious that the chemtrails we have lived these past years and now daily are to prepare for this 5g Nuclear TWIN 9/11 DePOPulate event or we POP our 3rd EYE awake

This guy was on Google today another 1850/2020 Ritual to Mark the last PlutO Saturn Wave of structure and destruction preparation ...... Friedlieb (or Friedlob, occasionally misnamed as "Friedrich") Ferdinand Runge (born near Hamburg on 8 February 1794, died in Oranienburg on 25 March 1867) was a German analytical chemist. Runge identified the mydriatic (pupil dilating) effects of belladonna (deadly nightshade) extract, identified caffeine, and discovered the first coal tar dye (aniline blue). Runge conducted chemical experiments from a young age, serendipitously identifying the mydriatic (pupil dilating) effects of belladonna(deadly nightshade) extract. In 1819 he demonstrated his finding to Goethe, who encouraged him to analyse coffee.[1] A few months later, Runge identified caffeine.[2] Runge studied chemistry in Jena and Berlin, where he obtained his doctorate. After touring Europe for three years, he taught chemistry at the University of Breslau until 1831. From then until 1852 he worked for a chemical company, but was dismissed by a resentful manager and died fifteen years later in poverty. His chemical work included purine chemistry, the identification of caffeine, discovered the first coal tar dye (aniline blue),[3] coal tar products (and a large number of substances that derive from coal tar), paper chromatography,[4] pyrrole, chinoline, phenol, thymol and atropine. He was the first to notice in 1855 the phenomenon of "Liesegang rings". He observed them in the course of experiments on the precipitation of reagents in blotting paper.[5][6

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