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Back to the Future

The GOOD/SATURN the BAD/JUPITER and the UGLY/PLUTO will be conjunct in Sagittarius home of JUPITER the 21/10/2020.... the 21/12/2020 is the Famous SATURN/JUPITER CONJUNCTION on the winter Solstice Capricorn ... BACK TO THE FUTURE is Astrology because the Navigators can READ THE SKY so they KNOW the FUTURE all MEDIA is run by the Gypsy's that rule your reality SHOW ... we are in their Crystal BALL the Mid EL Earth is a SCHOOL to break OUT of the Program... Its a JOKE for them to watch the BLIND MICE RUN in their Millions Hoards .....YOU Drive your car you are the PI LOT you are the captain of your vessel if only we were taught astrology there would be NO BULL SHIT

Pluto Saturn Jupiter CONJUNCT .. 21/10/2020

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