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Aquaman is NOT Aquarius

Jupiter is Up to Foxy tricks again, Poseidon is Neptune/Jupiter

Saturn/Crow rules Aquarius Twin peak age of lead to Gold NOT Jupiter

More Fake Light Tricks of the trade

Rahu/North node and Ketu/South node Take 18 yrs to do a cycle of the wheel .. its a How Wow Dance of the directions of the wind ↔️🔁♒️ ... Rahu enters Gemini and Ketu Sagittarius March 7th for 18 months... September 2019 it will be 18 yrs since 2001 9/11 expect a TWIN/GEMINI event... Aqua Man in Hawaii is representative of moving onto the mutable cross .. Gemini/Sagittarius Pisces/Virgo Skull n Bones .. we can be SPUN only when Rahu/Ketu are on the Mutable cross every 3 years ... Aqua Man is Age Of Aquarius Saturn rules the Twin peaks but Jupiter wants the throne so Poseidon the fake king disguises to be ready for Age ENDER 21... Everything happening now is about the 2020 catch 22 conjunction Saturn/CROW Jupiter/FOX Star Wars/Mars for the 777 LIBER Alpha/Omega ... throne Please go through all pictures to get a feel ...


Heart Chakra~ Maui, Hawaii*: The Haleakalā volcano on Maui matches the Schumann Resonance at 7.8 cycles per second, the same resonance of our hearts and the natural state of Earth. Maui’s energy is incredibly feminine and abundant. There is a heavenly comfort radiating from the heart chakra and a visceral experience of being taken care of. The whole of the Hawaiian Islands radiant the frequency of the heart and each have distinct energies that represent the separate chakras. The Big Island, for instance, is incredibly rooted bridget leading tour in hawaiiwith the deep active volcano energy from Pelé. Some associate Maui with the sacral chakra within the microcosmic chakra system of the islands.

Like Mt. Shasta, the Hawaiian Islands are the geographic location of ancient Lemuria. The Lemurian 5th dimensional energy is linked with the heart’s frequency enabling Lemurian love and “memories” to flow forth when you are there

Lord Haw-Haw was a nickname applied to the Irish-American William Joyce, who broadcast Nazi propaganda to Britain from Germany during the Second World War. The broadcasts opened with "Germany calling, Germany calling", spoken in an affected upper-class English accent.

The same nickname was also applied to some other broadcasters of English language propaganda from Germany, but it is Joyce with whom the name is now overwhelmingly identified. There are various theories about its origin.

Acclaimed poet George Murray and award-winning painter Michael Pittman team up for their first-ever childrens’ picture book. Wow Wow the fox pup has learned a lot about the hows and whys of being a fox. He knows how to hunt and hide, and he’s very proud of his red and white and black fur. But he doesn’t know much about fleas, until the day he wakes up feeling very, very itchy. Haw Haw the crow offers her friendship and guidance in this charming adaptation of the Celtic legend, How The Fox Lost His Fleas. Murray’s playful rhyme and repetition, set against a backdrop of Pittman’s lush paintings, will make Wow Wow and Haw Haw an instant classic and a favourite among small children and early readers alike.

The word “pow wow” is derived from the Narragansett word powwaw, meaning "spiritual leader".[2] The term itself has different variants including Powaw, Pawaw, Powah and Pawau.[3] A number of different tribes claim to have held the “first” pow wow.[4] Initially, public dances that most resemble what we now know as pow wows were most common in the Great Plains region of the United States during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, a time when the United States government fragmented many Native communities in the hopes of acquiring land for economic exploitation.[4] In 1923, Charles Burke, Commissioner of Indian Affairs in the United States, passed legislation modeled on Circular 1665, which he published in 1921, that limited the times of the year in which Native Americans could practice traditional dance, which he deemed as directly threatening the Christian religion.[5] However, many Native communities continued to gather together in secret to practice their cultures’ dance and music, in defiance of this, and other, legislation. By the mid-nineteenth century, pow wows were also being held in the Great Lakes region.

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