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And there is the Humor of it.. Shakes Spear and the 4 TUNE Humors

Dear friends .. its a film REAL Ally AL chemical Process or a REEL Ali to a T .. Copy Paste ..

We are remote controlling our selves from another realm .. This is truly but a dream.. our DNA is triggered by precise Pendulum Swings of the Orchestrated Sounds that are the basis of matter Time and Space ..

nature is a direct reflection of the Musical Comedy Wheel we are in ... to have a physical experience in a human vessel we need to have a TUNE our frequency has to match the tune we wish to experience ... But when we feel helpless to the outta whirl we can't change the script, You have the ability to change Blossom into a butterfly, we are all on another path.. Our lives are a Mirror Reflection of the tune we HUMM..

we live out all sides of our Song, and then we eventually get how we have been mercifully put to sleep, so dead souls that can no longer enter the creative living force live OFF sleeping beauties... like wound up Duracell Monkeys we perform when WOUND UP .. as the sky is in continuous flow of Musical Combinations, as the Planets move all to a different beat rhythm and energy so we do too... all PR MEDIA and entertainment is designed to MIRROR as above so below designed to trigger us into the storm, we are manipulated to read a fake script to change the FILM REEL... Trends are created according to the new SCRIPT UR's being played above..

Our Puppet Masters play GOD to us the Pawns on the Chess game...We are in a Musical Show, part of an orchestrated Orchestra.. there is a ConducTOR when we are the energy ConducTORS ...

Thermometers of TEMPOS we go hot and cold dry and moist and we can accept this and begin to look for the lost wisdom of Alchemy or continue to be rolled like dice , Played like broken records over and over again...

Fire and Ice

The four bodily humors were part of Shakespearean cosmology, inherited from the ancient Greek philosophers Aristotle, Hippocrates, and Galen. Organized around the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire; the four qualities of cold, hot, moist, and dry; and the four humors, these physical qualities determined the behavior of all created things including the human body. In the human body, the interaction of the four humors explained differences of age, gender, emotions, and disposition. The influence of the humors changed with the seasons and times of day and with the human life span. Heat stimulated action, cold depressed it. The young warrior’s choler gave him courage but phlegm produced cowards. Youth was hot and moist, age cold and dry. Men as a sex were hotter and drier than women.

Reel AL IT Y shifts as you shift your inner whirl and become observant of how you react and play out on the scene .. The DRAMA is about pushing us to keep peddling, our caretakers feel obliged to herd us and spin us as they please until we strike GOLD .. we actually can merge the above into the within, we can keep on rowing through the storm or lie back and sail through, There is always a choice to be made and thats how you reconnect to your intuition and true GNOWING breath by breathe.

Losing the fear of lineal life and death is the start of LIVING and being a spiral of ever flowing eternal liquid fountain of FAITH that we are just passing through in the eternal dance, we enter the labyrinth and we begin to build our own inner masterpiece of joining our own dots as they appear to us..

Any energy lost buying into the hype and distraction is a way to disconnect us from brewing our own experiences in Truth and harmony, we cant mould others only ourselves, we are the weavers of the tapestry not the Film REAL of AL Ity Projected onto Platos Cave.. Step out of the FILM we are all archetypes and we can become every ANGLE/ANGEL of them, if we wish...they are all act WHORES in this Greasy Greek Tragedy Divine DAN T DNA comedy we share There's the HUMOR of it

The seasons are the Arch T Types Nothing More and Nothing less of our human vessel

All That JAZZ for nothing......

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