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Today is catch 22 and 22 is the HEART BEAT TAV/OMEGA the past 3 days the FULL MOON has been in MM Mary Magdalene VIRGO Opposite Sun in Jesus Pisces so a farewell tribute Spring Equinox goodbye to the past 2,200 yrs in Pisces VirgO White Black Water Earth Europe Africa... We had the Vesica Piscis passage mercury Retrograde and Mercury will begin to move forward and become visible again for MAYDAY MAYHEM 29 March,, Mercury still rather invisible in Pisces but will enter Aquarius tomorrow the 23 before moving forward again on the 29th this BACH Google Doodle is again saying everything i have said in my last three videos... 4 Corners closed and the THREE Bachs as the THREE Crosses Mutable FIXED PI ANO and Cardinal...

its all about VENUS the pentagram the Twins mercury and Venus as ISIS the triple Goddess and Venus as the 5 pointed STAR Pentagram inverted in Libra... There is even the POPOV Radio signal that makes the ARC of the covenant and the SHEEP with seven chakra notes its all astrology and Music is astrology because we are the notes being PLAYED Obviously the DRAGON is WELSH as the name BACH ... Just back on my computer i will try and do a video this weekend.....

3 Day Moon Passage in VirgO MM Mary Magdalene

Full Moon Opposition with Pisces Jesus Christ end of age 33 CC Christ Consciousness

BACH noun WELSH noun: bach used as a term of endearment, often after a personal name. "Thomas bach, you are looking tired" Origin Welsh, literally ‘little’. bach2 /batʃ/Submit INFORMAL verb AUSTRALIAN/NZ verb: bach; 3rd person present: baches; past tense: bached; past participle: bached; gerund or present participle: baching 1. (especially of a man) live alone and do one's own cooking and housekeeping. "Baldy bached in a hut down the road a bit" nounNZ noun: bach; plural noun: baches 1. a small holiday house. Origin

late 19th century (as a verb): abbreviation of bachelor.

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