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9 yrs Orange DART to BLACK MORE 2021/2030 TEMP EAST AGE ENDER

Updated: May 22, 2021


Le Gers department 32 mega Bits half of when i am 64 mega bits 32 paths of wisdom GRACE before CC/33 CuciFICTION last vertebrae Jaz in Marciac reopens this yr with famous TRUMP ET Jazz player Ibrahim Maalouf cause the TRUMPET represents the ARSE HOLE Sodom and Gomorrah ALLAH HAT JARSE All that fez Cap JAZZ in Marciac aka JIM is short for JM MJ aka Jupiter VALENTINE and MERCURY CUPID The ELLO RED AXIS of Sagittarius Automobiles ROADS ROME Romulus and REMUS RN AIN North Polaris POLE SHIFT Sagittarius is ALTAIR JUDE Paul and Gemini Aeronautical Sirius MERCURY the 322 skull n Bone CROSS 32 is 23 DNA strands that’s why in my village the no 23 house was destroyed in the main road pulled down because it represents the death of our spiritual ladder DNA strands … VIC FEZensac the FEZ cap is the red NODDY CAP The modern fez owes much of its popularity to the Ottoman era "Fez" refers to the Moroccan city of Fez so the French prime Minister who is from Vik Fezensac came to his home le GERS the only department in France to be GREEN currently the rest of the country is RED aka the Jolly Green GIANT 13th zodiac fake TARTUFFE JOKER Ophiuchus is JC J/10 and C/3 aka 13

Bain de nostalgie pour Jean Castex à Vic-Fezensac, son village d’enfance

Le premier ministre était invité, vendredi, pour dévoiler la plaque de l’école qui vient d’être rebaptisée au nom de son grand-père. « Ce n’était pas écrit qu’un enfant de Vic puisse un jour occuper l’hôtel Matignon », a-t-il dit, à l’heure où certains macronistes interrogent son maintien.

Vic-FEZensac is one of the last towns in France which still showcases bullfighting. The main feria takes place over the Pentecost weekend. On this occasion tens of thousands of people gather all night long over the weekend in the tiny streets of the city. It is the first big "feria" of the year in Southwestern France. Small bodegas crowded with people are open until the morning comes, "bandas" (bands of popular Basque or Gascon music) goes on the streets.

At the end of July the Tempo Latino salsa festival takes place. Night markets ("marchés de nuit") are also held in summer.

EXCLU - Jean Castex, en visite dans le Gers, débloque 46 millions d'euros pour la RN 124

Jazz in Marciac Jupiter in Mercury is a jazz festival that takes place over a period of three weeks, usually from late July to mid-August in Marciac, Occitania, France. The first festival took place in 1978. 2020 Festival canceled ... so 2021 is the Paris 2024 Jude PETE PAUL 42nd 2019 STING played in a heat wave of 42 DEGREES


FEZ CAP/CAPE is a felt headdress in the shape of a short cylindrical peakless hat, usually red, and sometimes with a tassel attached to the top. The name "Fez" refers to the Moroccan city of Fez (capital of the Kingdom of Morocco until 1912), where the dye to colour the hat was extracted from crimson berries.The modern fez owes much of its popularity to the Ottoman era.

The Fez became a symbol of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century. In 1827, Mahmud II mandated the Fez as a modern headdress for his new army, the Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye. The decision was inspired by the Ottoman naval command, who had previously returned from the Maghreb having embraced the style. In 1829, Mahmud issued new regulations mandating use of the Fez by all civil and religious officials. The intention was to replace the historical turban, which acted as a marker of identity and so divided rather than unified the population.[5][6] It was subsequently outlawed in Turkey in 1925 as part of Atatürk's Reforms.

The Fez, also called Tarboosh, is a felt headdress in the shape of a short cylindrical peakless hat, usually red, and sometimes with a tassel attached to the top. The name "Fez" refers to the Moroccan city of Fez, where the dye to colour the hat was extracted from crimson berries

A liberty pole is a wooden pole, or sometimes spear or lance, surmounted by a "cap of liberty", mostly of the Phrygian cap form outside the Netherlands. The symbol originated in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar by a group of Rome's Senators in 44 BC.

24th July is 24/42 42nd edition cancelled last year and 42nd JM MJ Jupiter 42 24 Marciac is the 32nd Department of GERS

« Pour la première fois en 42 ans d’existence de Jazz in Marciac, le festival n’a pas eu lieu. Il s’agit là d’une terrible épreuve à laquelle nous n’étions pas préparés mais je tiens à dire ici la façon exemplaire dont nous avons été accompagnés par l’Etat, la Région, le Département et la mairie de Marciac. Philippe Martin, excusé, m’a assuré de son total soutien pour la mise en œuvre de notre festival en 2021. Et Carole Delga me fait son interprète pour vous dire son engagement aux côtés de notre association pour que notre festival retrouve, si possible dès 2021 et dans les années à venir, la place qu’il occupe depuis de nombreuses années en termes de positionnement et de rayonnement international ».

French Prime Minsiter Comes to Gers to open the Last LEG Jean castex Jesus Christ JC 13th Sign J/10 C/3 13

The RN 1241 aka 24/42 symbol of 2024 paris Olympics between the 11 pillars 151 becomes 161 of JUDE PETE and PAUL JUPITER Thunder and lightning very very frightening a project costing 46 million we have 23 pairs of 46 CHROMOSONES DNA tribe of DAN to extend a main road between Toulouse and Auch so an added 13 kms aka 13 sign of the JOKER all rituals for your ENERGY its always about ENERGY Ophiuchus 13th sign

N aka AIGN aka HAINE N North Star of DART in AIGNAN North star Polaris 124 24/42 and 1 LAST LEG MOSKATEER D'Artagnan Last 13 Kms between Tolouse and L'sle eYeLAND JOURDAIN ......

Jordan Banks on the NILE CrocO DIAL DILE ELLO ELLO Thunder Lightening Very very frightening Check out Pics shown behind Jordan 9yrs Old 90 degree angLE 9th house ZEUS SEUZ JUDE PETE and PAUL

13 kms between Gimont and L’isle the eye LAND of JORDAIN aka JORDAN the name of the boy Jordan BANKS!!! Rivers of Babylon Jordan NILE 9 yrs old aka 9th house of Sagittarius VALENTINE so 9yr old Jordan killed whilst playing football training A LONE RANGER the River Banks of Moses the NILE of your spine 33 vertebrae CruciFICTION JC Jesus Christ

They have deblocked 104 Millions euros aka 14 pieces of OSIRIS and 18 millions for the road works half of 360 degree and the 18yr journey of the Milky Way snake and 18 month journey of Venus 180 half of 360 wheel… this road is the last road in France for a dub L 2x2 highway they waited till now cause it’s the DOVE PEACE automobile Valentine Cupid that will bring PEACE to NOAH and the NOAH HIDE deCAPitation laws to come GAZA and IS RA EL was always about giving you the DOVE TRICK or Treat FINAL coming up.. The CHI RHO NILE NEIL KLIM UNDERWHIRL

Double homicide dans les Cévennes : "Valentin Marcone était dans un état de sidération", raconte son avocate

Cupid Mercury Jude Pete Jupiter Jude Pete FALLS VALENTINE and CUPID RISES MARCONI MAFFIA

Check out the PATSY ...

Currently a killer on the run in France called VALENTINE Marcone all coding for VALENTINE Sagittarius 9th house taking over from Jude Pete to Jude PAUL Lunar to Solar pillars …. Everything in the NEWS is about North East West South wheel its all about using your FOCUS for RITUALS cause you are blind deaf and dumb so your focus FEEDS the needed energy …

Aignan IS the wood between the whirls

EGG AIG AIN AIGNAN Post Code 32290 5 Pointed Flower The POLE Meridian ley Line to AIN TREE LIVERPOOL EVILLOOP the TORSO ENTRY and EXIT THE ANUS in AINTREE and the VOICE in AIGNAN GERS 32290

3.22 PM FALCON 9 Post Code DART in AIGNAN D'ARTAGNAN is 32290

The fifth wave passage

D'Artagnan Jupiter Sagittarius Valentine falls and Cupid Crisis Mercury the ORANGE CAT The Man in the CAP and the CAPE kills the true 3rd eye EGG AIGN DART in AIGNAN D'ARTAGNAN