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9 yrs Orange DART to BLACK MORE 2021/2030 TEMP EAST AGE ENDER

Updated: May 22, 2021


Le Gers department 32 mega Bits half of when i am 64 mega bits 32 paths of wisdom GRACE before CC/33 CuciFICTION last vertebrae Jaz in Marciac reopens this yr with famous TRUMP ET Jazz player Ibrahim Maalouf cause the TRUMPET represents the ARSE HOLE Sodom and Gomorrah ALLAH HAT JARSE All that fez Cap JAZZ in Marciac aka JIM is short for JM MJ aka Jupiter VALENTINE and MERCURY CUPID The ELLO RED AXIS of Sagittarius Automobiles ROADS ROME Romulus and REMUS RN AIN North Polaris POLE SHIFT Sagittarius is ALTAIR JUDE Paul and Gemini Aeronautical Sirius MERCURY the 322 skull n Bone CROSS 32 is 23 DNA strands that’s why in my village the no 23 house was destroyed in the main road pulled down because it represents the death of our spiritual ladder DNA strands … VIC FEZensac the FEZ cap is the red NODDY CAP The modern fez owes much of its popularity to the Ottoman era "Fez" refers to the Moroccan city of Fez so the French prime Minister who is from Vik Fezensac came to his home le GERS the only department in France to be GREEN currently the rest of the country is RED aka the Jolly Green GIANT 13th zodiac fake TARTUFFE JOKER Ophiuchus is JC J/10 and C/3 aka 13

Bain de nostalgie pour Jean Castex à Vic-Fezensac, son village d’enfance

Le premier ministre était invité, vendredi, pour dévoiler la plaque de l’école qui vient d’être rebaptisée au nom de son grand-père. « Ce n’était pas écrit qu’un enfant de Vic puisse un jour occuper l’hôtel Matignon », a-t-il dit, à l’heure où certains macronistes interrogent son maintien.

Vic-FEZensac is one of the last towns in France which still showcases bullfighting. The main feria takes place over the Pentecost weekend. On this occasion tens of thousands of people gather all night long over the weekend in the tiny streets of the city. It is the first big "feria" of the year in Southwestern France. Small bodegas crowded with people are open until the morning comes, "bandas" (bands of popular Basque or Gascon music) goes on the streets.

At the end of July the Tempo Latino salsa festival takes place. Night markets ("marchés de nuit") are also held in summer.

EXCLU - Jean Castex, en visite dans le Gers, débloque 46 millions d'euros pour la RN 124

Jazz in Marciac Jupiter in Mercury is a jazz festival that takes place over a period of three weeks, usually from late July to mid-August in Marciac, Occitania, France. The first festival took place in 1978. 2020 Festival canceled ... so 2021 is the Paris 2024 Jude PETE PAUL 42nd 2019 STING played in a heat wave of 42 DEGREES


FEZ CAP/CAPE is a felt headdress in the shape of a short cylindrical peakless hat, usually red, and sometimes with a tassel attached to the top. The name "Fez" refers to the Moroccan city of Fez (capital of the Kingdom of Morocco until 1912), where the dye to colour the hat was extracted from crimson berries.The modern fez owes much of its popularity to the Ottoman era.

The Fez became a symbol of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century. In 1827, Mahmud II mandated the Fez as a modern headdress for his new army, the Asakir-i Mansure-i Muhammediye. The decision was inspired by the Ottoman naval command, who had previously returned from the Maghreb having embraced the style. In 1829, Mahmud issued new regulations mandating use of the Fez by all civil and religious officials. The intention was to replace the historical turban, which acted as a marker of identity and so divided rather than unified the population.[5][6] It was subsequently outlawed in Turkey in 1925 as part of Atatürk's Reforms.

The Fez, also called Tarboosh, is a felt headdress in the shape of a short cylindrical peakless hat, usually red, and sometimes with a tassel attached to the top. The name "Fez" refers to the Moroccan city of Fez, where the dye to colour the hat was extracted from crimson berries

A liberty pole is a wooden pole, or sometimes spear or lance, surmounted by a "cap of liberty", mostly of the Phrygian cap form outside the Netherlands. The symbol originated in the immediate aftermath of the assassination of the Roman dictator Julius Caesar by a group of Rome's Senators in 44 BC.

24th July is 24/42 42nd edition cancelled last year and 42nd JM MJ Jupiter 42 24 Marciac is the 32nd Department of GERS

« Pour la première fois en 42 ans d’existence de Jazz in Marciac, le festival n’a pas eu lieu. Il s’agit là d’une terrible épreuve à laquelle nous n’étions pas préparés mais je tiens à dire ici la façon exemplaire dont nous avons été accompagnés par l’Etat, la Région, le Département et la mairie de Marciac. Philippe Martin, excusé, m’a assuré de son total soutien pour la mise en œuvre de notre festival en 2021. Et Carole Delga me fait son interprète pour vous dire son engagement aux côtés de notre association pour que notre festival retrouve, si possible dès 2021 et dans les années à venir, la place qu’il occupe depuis de nombreuses années en termes de positionnement et de rayonnement international ».

French Prime Minsiter Comes to Gers to open the Last LEG Jean castex Jesus Christ JC 13th Sign J/10 C/3 13

The RN 1241 aka 24/42 symbol of 2024 paris Olympics between the 11 pillars 151 becomes 161 of JUDE PETE and PAUL JUPITER Thunder and lightning very very frightening a project costing 46 million we have 23 pairs of 46 CHROMOSONES DNA tribe of DAN to extend a main road between Toulouse and Auch so an added 13 kms aka 13 sign of the JOKER all rituals for your ENERGY its always about ENERGY Ophiuchus 13th sign

N aka AIGN aka HAINE N North Star of DART in AIGNAN North star Polaris 124 24/42 and 1 LAST LEG MOSKATEER D'Artagnan Last 13 Kms between Tolouse and L'sle eYeLAND JOURDAIN ......

Jordan Banks on the NILE CrocO DIAL DILE ELLO ELLO Thunder Lightening Very very frightening Check out Pics shown behind Jordan 9yrs Old 90 degree angLE 9th house ZEUS SEUZ JUDE PETE and PAUL

13 kms between Gimont and L’isle the eye LAND of JORDAIN aka JORDAN the name of the boy Jordan BANKS!!! Rivers of Babylon Jordan NILE 9 yrs old aka 9th house of Sagittarius VALENTINE so 9yr old Jordan killed whilst playing football training A LONE RANGER the River Banks of Moses the NILE of your spine 33 vertebrae CruciFICTION JC Jesus Christ

They have deblocked 104 Millions euros aka 14 pieces of OSIRIS and 18 millions for the road works half of 360 degree and the 18yr journey of the Milky Way snake and 18 month journey of Venus 180 half of 360 wheel… this road is the last road in France for a dub L 2x2 highway they waited till now cause it’s the DOVE PEACE automobile Valentine Cupid that will bring PEACE to NOAH and the NOAH HIDE deCAPitation laws to come GAZA and IS RA EL was always about giving you the DOVE TRICK or Treat FINAL coming up.. The CHI RHO NILE NEIL KLIM UNDERWHIRL

Double homicide dans les Cévennes : "Valentin Marcone était dans un état de sidération", raconte son avocate

Cupid Mercury Jude Pete Jupiter Jude Pete FALLS VALENTINE and CUPID RISES MARCONI MAFFIA

Check out the PATSY ...

Currently a killer on the run in France called VALENTINE Marcone all coding for VALENTINE Sagittarius 9th house taking over from Jude Pete to Jude PAUL Lunar to Solar pillars …. Everything in the NEWS is about North East West South wheel its all about using your FOCUS for RITUALS cause you are blind deaf and dumb so your focus FEEDS the needed energy …

Aignan IS the wood between the whirls

EGG AIG AIN AIGNAN Post Code 32290 5 Pointed Flower The POLE Meridian ley Line to AIN TREE LIVERPOOL EVILLOOP the TORSO ENTRY and EXIT THE ANUS in AINTREE and the VOICE in AIGNAN GERS 32290

3.22 PM FALCON 9 Post Code DART in AIGNAN D'ARTAGNAN is 32290

The fifth wave passage

D'Artagnan Jupiter Sagittarius Valentine falls and Cupid Crisis Mercury the ORANGE CAT The Man in the CAP and the CAPE kills the true 3rd eye EGG AIGN DART in AIGNAN D'ARTAGNAN



ROLF HARRIS two LIL BOYS Romulus Remus and the JAKE the PEG in the LEG RED FEZ CAP Cherry on the I SCREAM JUDE PETE JAKE


PAN PANACHE the last Leg is the BERRY GASCON HAT the Imposter JOKER

BB/22 Last Leg V/22 ALEF TAV WW/MM is the MILKY WAY KID that kills her the female Axis Snake Wild West Wild Wind BB/22 Venus Fly Trap LUCY FER is MASCULINE RED AIR Taking Black feminine EARTH also ruled by VENUS the inversion perversion for the BLIND

The Wood between the Worlds is a pond-filled forest in The Magician's Nephew (1955), the sixth book in The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis. Each pond is a portal that provides instant transportation to a different world, such as Earth, Narnia or Charn. CORNWALL is 55 05 50 longitude latitude we are at the GREEN GATEWAY they show you 50 05 THE BFG Jolly GREENE GIANT … So apparently where I live is GREEN the only department to be GREEN on the Covid TRACKER in all FRance!!!!!! and people think it has something to do with Covid when its all about the JOLLY GREEN GIANT GREEN your new Pharmaceutical SNAKE Ophiuchus 13th sign GREEN is the HEART GATEWAY le GERS is the HEART VOICE it’s the home of Romulus and Remus too it’s the DEN and the GATE of the last PH HP balance it’s the door OUT of here they do tell you The GREEN HEART GATEWAY is a Passage between whirls not a destination but a passage home to YOU the Green Snake heals or KILLS The wood is implied to be a place linking all worlds, including Narnia, Charn, and Earth. A sense of slothfulness grips all visitors, including Jadis. However, it affects Jadis negatively: she shrieks in despair that the wood is "killing" her, and she is sickly and pale; when Polly and Digory arrive in the wood, their experience is pleasant and relaxing. It could be described as a nexus of sorts, existing outside the other worlds and not being a world on its own. In Paul F. Ford's Pocket Companion to Narnia, a diagram shows the Wood Between the Worlds to be located in Aslan's Country, which itself sits on top of all worlds.

MM WW MILKY WAY KID SPIN is the Wood Between the Worlds Currently North Node on Taurus South Node in ScorpiO in Main stream astrology They say North node on CUPID SIRIUS and South Node on Valentine Jupiter The Snake 🐍

The Wood Between the Worlds was the name given to a mysterious realm of portals that allowed magical travel between the worlds of Charn, Earth and Narnia, among numerous others. Wood Between the Worlds....TypeMagic Wood Location Unknown A wood with many pools, passages to other worlds Appearances The Magician's Nephew It had the form of a quiet forest dotted with many wide pools of supposed water, each of which served as a portal to a different world.

It was used by Digory Kirke and Polly Plummer to visit the dying world of Charn, to transport Queen Jadis from Charn to Earth, and then take her, along with Frank, Strawberry and Andrew Ketterley, to Narnia on the day of its creation.

In order to use the portals, a person must be touching one of the magical rings created by Andrew Ketterley, Digory's magician uncle. This will transport the user between the world and the wood via the ether.

The rings are of two types: Yellow rings transport a person from a world to the Wood. If a person on Earth touches a yellow ring, for example, they will disappear and appear in the pool in the Wood, which leads to Earth.

The green rings, however, transports a person out of the Wood and into a world. If a person in the Wood wants to go to Charn, for example, they step into the pool that leads to Charn while touching a green ring, and then materializes there. What determines the location in that world, where the traveler appears, is not clear.

Contact with the ring must be made by skin. Another feature of the rings is that the effect works like electricity, by chain of contact; you don't have to be touching a ring to be transported, only merely touching someone who is in contact with one.

Aignan Woods

Because we are not on the correct constellations the FOUR FIXED MUSKATEERS the Royal Stars of Persia, Aldebaran/TAURUS, Regulus/LEO, Antares/SCORPIO and Fomalhaut/AQUARIUS/D’ARTAGNAN Last LEG, the guardians of the sky shall merge again with the cardinal signs and the mutable cross shall disappear because AMMIT the Umbrella the WHEEL DIA FRAME MEDUSA Opens and SHUTS and she will now close back from 12 signs to 8 signs as we go through the 5 petaled gate HEART home when our heart is no longer heavier than our feather consciousness… there are 3 crosses MUTABLE FIXED and CARDINAL to 12 Months and 4 seasons so 3x4 is 12… when we reach HIGHER consciousness aka we find the lost wisdom we return to the correct PERCEPTION and the equinox becomes the solstice Spring is the new year not December, March is January the new year not FATHER XMAS JUDE PETE n PAUL again, as we are 2 months OFF the correct seasons we find our 5th WAVE that means that instead of 30 degrees x 12 signs to make 360 degrees aka 369 we return to 5 seasons x 72 degrees to make a new 360 wheel… we raise our VIBE the sun moves 1 degree every 72 yrs and when you get OFF ALL FOURS you find your HEAD EDD you can stand up straight because you found the last LEG ANGLE ANGEL…. Where I live in Europe France they have made the home of the NORTH STAR D’artagnan aka FORMLHAUT the LAMB Thalamus EGG AIG AIGNAN AIGNTREE NORTH POLARIS SPIN but they have merged the MUTABLE Cross MJ JM JUPITER and MERCURY cross with the Cardinal cross so to CRUCIFRY the FIXED CROSS STARS in the mutable GAP by changing the calendar and making us lie flat on all fours like DOGS because SIRIUS the Persian keeper of the four corners as it was in BABYLON but the wheel moves and now Gemini is SIRIUS DOG TSAR CUPID and Sagittarius VALENTINE ALTAIR The DOVE and the HAWK AXIS aka mercury/GEMINI and ALTAIR/Sagittarius MJ JM Jupiter Mercury Jazz in marciac they don’t want us to return to the correct Maltese Templar cross, CARDINAL and FIXED they have merged MUTABLE and CARDINAL to Crucify the fixed cross… this is why they celebrate D’artagnan the 4th LEG Last LEG spin of the Mutable cross when DART in AIGNAN The flesh in the apple WILL I AM TELL is NOT the correct cross … all that is happening now is to KILL BILL CAP ri CORN North America and South America is NASA Aquarius as Jupiter merges with Capricorn to make the Fleur de LYSS BEE they create NASA and keep Europe Africa as the Power with Asia IS RA EL is just a phoney land to give you the peace you want its all TRICKS

We are about to enter a very long-awaited line up in the sky ….

Uranus in Aries under HAMAL Eris in Pisces and MJ JM Mercury and Jupiter rulers of the Mutable skull n Bone cross Trick or treat both on the 90 degree ANG le of the last leg Jupiter will be stationary on Fomalhaut Aquarius the true Thalamus LAMB LAMP 3rd eye and he will retro back into Capricorn over the summer making a square to Aldebaran the FAKE philosophers BULLS EYE stone over the summer before returning to Aquarius next year…. Mercury goes retro over the bulls eye where the head of the snake is North node as tail is in ScorpiO the Silver and Golden Milky Way snake gate 30 May Mercury begins his 21 days 777 journey and will be blinded by the light for Corn Wall G 7 dates Venus the ruler of Taurus and libra will be at home in Taurus too ….

Jean Castex aka JC 13 French prime minister has just opened the RN 124 last 13 Km aka Ophiuchus JOKER 13th sign that goes from Toulouse to Isle JOURDAIN The JORDAN BANKS 9 years struck by the BOLTS of Lightning in Black POOL by ZEUS 9 yrs old is 90 degree ANG L of CORNWALL last leg nail clippers of the Red Sea division Bel EL L That Jupiter makes to mercury and Venus on the BULLS HORN CORN HER WALL ..

cause its about opening the gates into the NEIL NILE KLIMS under whirl concave earth CRAP cause the UN United Nations is the Upside down jelly Fish JFK Jelly Fish KUT Hand of FATIMA of your DIA FRAME Diaphragm and the Rivers of Babylon is your DIAPHRAM is all just a Gaza IS RA EL duplicate of what is above so below Jupiter is fighting to remain the Empire as Saturn sits at home in BILL CAP ri CORN and Noah Hide law waits just behind her CORN HER ….

Last year on the 21/6 aka 216 6x6x6 is the last 3 degrees the sun moves 1 degree every 72 yrs and 72x72x72 is 216 the 3 degrees so last year we had the BLACK MOON on merLIONS wand aka Odin Sirius IRIS Osiris and that was the 9 Months before SUEZ SEWERS was risen to block the canal of CAIRO CHI RHO CHIRONS LAST JFK NILE CLIPPERS

Now we have this 21/6 JUPITER aka ZEUS/SEUZ begins his retro bang on top of Fomalhaut as the Sun sits on merlin’s WAND and Mercury is still retro on the bulls eye Venus the ruler will be at home in LIBRA LUCY FER and the Moon will be the slither of the waxing GIBBON GIBBOUS MOON KEY Orangutan ORANGE King Louis of the swingers making the 90 degree ANG L to JUDE PETE and PAUL ZEUS

this is why we are living such intense times and Noah Hide law is what they want cause its all about the DOVE and the HAWK and they are playing out the plans made centuries agO its all back to the FUTURE

Sorry but i see through everything just had to explain this one for you but any social media trend like these girls and their ponies that has coverage is for a REASON any time you see a MARTIN its about FREE WILLY the WHALES TAIL of WILLY I AM, Willy Wonka FREE WILLY is the FREE MARTINS sterilisation of females and the artificial womb here is MARTIN and his HAWKS The Phoenix is NOT the EAGLE that rises as ISIS and the scales of wisdom this is the JOKER HAWK FALCON PHOENIX TARTUFFE IMPOSTER.... cause your new Jolly Green Giant CC/33 Climate Change crap and Pharmaceutical new GOD is all about PIPI long stocking La Marianne GIRLS and the TAIL TALE of the WILL I AM TELL DART in the AP L Main News story in France at the moment is about VALENTN MARCONE Cause CUPID GEMINI DOVE ROMULUS and VALENTINE SAGITTARIUS HAWK/FALCON REMUS the DEER BAMBI CHILD HUNTER is the RED / yELLO ELLO Gang Little children Ponies and Hawks cause the new DUB LL/AIL AIL 0 7 PAIR is Sagittarius AC VirgO MC and DC is Gemini IC is Pisces the new HIDDEN HAND i used to enjoy watching this but DART MORE D'artagnan/DART More and BLACK MORE Last MASK MOSQUE a TEAR Musk a Teer its all so in our faces there is no where to hide its all about pre sexual girls children and the HAWK NOW they tell you .... My Little PONY Sagittarius and Dr WHO DOO LITTLE Elisa Animal farm the Cherry Orchard the Garden of earthly delights is the underwhirl AINTREE HAINE BAALEINE ANUS TREE ENTRY




AC MC and DC shown below all social media that has coverage is subconscious predictive programming

Rachael Black More hoping to put cherry on top of season in Paris

Jockey will ride second-favourite Ajas in Grand Steeple-Chase De Paris at Auteuil



Israel–Palestine crisis

Its all been a massive DIA FRAME SETH UP because there is NO IS RA EL they made it all UP so the EMPIRE whirl can bring in the new whirl order .... NOAH HIDE LAW ...... ASIA AMERICA EUROPE Created SAUDIE ARABIA PAKISTAN as your new GREEN GIANT All rituals take place because Tropical main stream astrology is not on the correct constellations which means they use your CONSENT to cruciFRY humanity in the MUTABLE PI RAT SKULL N BONE CROSS ……

The wheel goes from 12 legs to 8 legs to pass the 5th wave

IT DOES NOT GO FROM 10 aka 5 ages of Solar to 5 ages of Lunar then to 7 NOAH HIDE LAWS aka HOW WOW ii 50 G7 CornWall Longitude latitude is 50/05 Dr Who Doo Little Over the BRAINROW deCAPitation reversed Chakra system



14/05 The HIDDEN HAND RISES 32 department AGE ENDER 9 yrs from 2021 to 2030



2030 SHITTY SHITTY BANG BANG and the Parents are Paralysed the CHILD CATCHERS

JC jean Castex just opened RN124 in GERS 32/23 department the only GREEN among RED in FRANCE 13KMs of the Milky Way Snake 🐍 to 14 pieces of Osiris 77 last G7 JFK JL CUT

03/20/1991 32/23 191 1991 is 191 aka 9/11 NOAH HIDE LAW Became Public Law No: 102-14. Congress 102 is the RN 124 as seen above opened by French prime minister JC/13 JOKER aka 12 14 Pieces of Osiris MILKY WAY SNAKE 12 the 322 RIGHT LEFT SPIN of the WHIRL POOL Black More Pool HOW WOW ii 05 WHEEL

ODYSSEY 2001 is 2021 LAW 102


Main stream Tropical Astrology current chart open fire 16 may and May 5th start of troubles Main stream Tropical Astrology is 23'5 degrees off Correct constellations so you remain on the TIPPERARY unable to have clear focus nor be properly aligned... and they are currently crucy Frying the fixed signs on the Mutable cross..


For May 5th

for the opening of troubles Palestine Israel Mars has been in FALL in Cancer KALI destruction Ruler Moon conjunct Jude Pete Jupiter... The Midsummer night Dream SPLIT of the solstice Line Sun was conjunct Uranus in Taurus Jupiter was still in Aquarius Ruler of Taurus Venus on ALGOL aka Medusa Mercury was just at home in Gemini

For 16 may Moon in Cancer conjunct Mars on Sirius Jupiter at home in Pisces making a square to Moon and mars conjunct in Cancer Sun on Algol in Taurus Ruler of Taurus Venus on Aldebaran conjunct head of snake and mercury on Aldebaran Bulls eye making semi sextile to Mars and moon conjunct of KALI Cancer. Head of snake North node in Gemini on Aldebaran Tail on Altair in Sagittarius this is the RED Air Gemini YELLOW Sagittarius Fire axis of Romulus and Remus Cupid and Valentine Gemini Cupid and Valentine Sagittarius this is the Hawk and the Dove … Sidereal correct astrology North node is still on Aldebaran South node on Antares but on the correct Milky Way feminine axis of Taurus EARTH and Tail in ScorpiO Water .. They use the Female Lunar Pillar energy of cancer kali destruction Jupiter enters Pisces so medusa Algol and Scorpio is Isis death of Scorpio Venus in Gemini conjunct Mercury Ruler of Gemini and North node head of snake Mars ruler Of ScorpiO and Aries on Sirius in Cancer Making a square to Jupiter in Pisces and to Uranus in Taurus Moon opposing PlutO in Capricorn PlutO in Capricorn South node in Sagittarius Neptune in Pisces, Chiron in Aries

MARCONI MAFFIA JAFFA ORANGES DANGER RED LORRY ELLO LORRY FULL STEAM AHEAD You have to DIAL your own High self phone or eaten up by the CROCO DILE NILE can you find the FINE LINE home or into the under Whirl of NEIL KLIM Clock Work ORANGE MILK


2021 Odyssey 2001

ORANGE PHONE NUMBER 369 Every time you DIAL you Call the CrocO Nile DIAL RED ELLO ELLO AXIS into existence that's how Black Magick Clock Work Orange WORKS Orange is the new BLACK

Orange Jaffas come from Palestine the Neil Nile KLIM MILK A LIEN/NILE into the concave under whirl clockwork Orange the Banks of Jordan began their game in 19th century FOX aka Jude Pete n Paul to crucy fry you upside down on the wrong cross the Jupiter symbol is the upside down cross the FOX Joker Saturn is the upright symbol.. Jordan Banks 9 yrs old struck by bolt of lightening in Blackpool 9 is Jupiters house Sagittarius and JC jean Castex just opened RN124 13 kms dub LL/77 road here in France from Toulouse through isle Jordain Nike Orange AIR Jordan shoes.. Orange is the merging of Cupid Gemini Hermes Mercury and Valentine Sagittarius Jupiter as one .. oranges come from Africa aka Taurus black earth that's how HAL becomes your new God/Dog Sirius they make Europe African cause Europe is officially over once they have killed you all off... Oranges is the symbol of the Maffia Orange phone number is TESLA 369 aka 3900 +33-9-69-36-39-00... the Jupiter symbol used for Paris Olympics 2024 is all about the 24hr of le man's MAN masculine AXE is red air yellow fire ELLO ELLO ET A LieN/NEIL/NILE rivers of Babylon JORDAN killing her black white earth water every time.. I have to wait 24hrs to have internet back cause it's always about rituals to 24/42 Jude Pete n Paul my email still in my ex's name despite 2yrs trying to change and I don't get notified ever.. and they like to cut me off every so often as today so on mobile phone now ELLO ELLO DIAL DIABLE The Jaffa orange (also known as Shamouti orange) is an orange variety with few seeds and a tough skin that makes it particularly suitable for export. Developed by Palestinian farmers in the mid-19th century, the variety takes its name from the city of Jaffa where it was first produced for export.

Origin: Ottoman Palestine in mid-19th century

Cultivar: 'Jaffa'

Yup you gotta see every Ang L

Look the Joker in the eye

Its a game of ThROWns cROWns

Alchemical Spiritual

Chakra Astrologi

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