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9/11 Jack Fell Down 2019 Jill came tumbling after into the Underwhirl

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

9/11 2001 MERCURY on Mary Magdalene VIRGO Sun in BabyLOn LEON ELON

Check out Mary Magdalene Persephone and Whore of Babylon LeO Babylon For the THREE MARYS The Tripple Goddess the TRIP ELLE TRIP L/7 is Tripple ELLE LLL

or 777..9/11 is 7/11 SEPT SEVEN EMBER... 777 LIBER TRAP Mercury is the ruler of JACK Gemini and Jill VirgO The 23 DNA Twin Strands DNA ...

Fake Twin Tower The SOL O MON SEAL TRAP LLL/777

The Three Marys LLL 777 369 Trap is VIRGO She is Transmutation the presexual Girl the Womb Man and the Crown into EL Saturn MIR ANDA DAN T DNA Merged into Aquarius/Capricorn TWIN PEAKS she is not The destination but the gate Way through ..

Head of Snake was in Gemini as it now for 9/11 TWIN TOWERS and Notre Dame DAN DNA too..

Mercury venus in VirgO Persephone Sun and Mars conjunct in LEON NOEL ELON Muskateer DEN NOW mercury Venus conjunct VirgO and Sun mars conjunct LEO babylon

TWIN PEAKS is when we leave the Mutable trans MUTATION into Aquarius/Capricorn heaven and Earth through the gates of LeO/Fires of hell from Chaos to Order and into Capricorn Creation from MON/MOON Destruction ...

Black BabyLON ELON LEON Moon just after G7 Biarritz when I am 64

Tomorrow Roses are RED VENUS and Violets are BLUE mercury in VIRGO and sun and MARS is LEO Babylone The whore of Babylon

NOTRE DAME JILL came tumbling Down after JACK 9/11 ... Moon MON on Regulus Mary Magdalene wipes the feet of Jesus Whore of Babylon

Sol O Mon is the triple HELL we go from 007 to Tripple 777/LLL The JOKER JUPITER JUDAS TRAP.... SATURN rules the Twin peaks EL EVE EN a place of Spirit in the MID EL L/7 21/12/2020 Saturn takes back the reigns from Jupiter in Capricorn and PlutO also enters Capricorn The Good the bad and the Ugly ...

STUCK in TIME Lead or GOLD ...

369 south west east IS RA EL 777/LLL trip ELLE they give you the three spin when it's FOUR TUNE to become GOLD to merge the two sides of the coin you need the 322 spin to become 64 right left... The Masonic Lodge is IHS HIS STORY CRAP Isis Horris Seth when EL is the Mid EL even twin peaks DNA 23/32 twin strands merged... The lion lies down with the North Fomalhaut lamb free masons are the Crap Trap... only you can spin lead to gold or led into the den...

So The Twin peaks is what the Game of THORNS is about Rosemary's Babies are the 1968 to 1986 Generation and they have to CREATE the entry into the TWIN PEAKS They are the High Holistic Alchemical priestesses of material EARTH/Clay..

sWORD in the sTONE of your DNA Tribe of DAN .. DAN T DNA

Mary Magdalene of Transmutation Sun in LeO Mercury in VIRGO every time is the Whore of Babylon... G7 was celebrated in HER NAME in the LeO Lion Gates to keep Persephone stuck in the DEN ...

The Snake beneath her is of the tribe of DAN T DNA sWord in he sTONE Mir ANDA MIR ROR/OR GOLD through he ROAR ..


First, one must realize that the Zodiac sign house of Scorpio has (3) smaller constellations. They are called Serpens, Ophinuchus and Hercules. Samson was of the tribe of Dan which was assigned to Scorpio. “Dan shall be a serpent in the way that bites the horse heel and causes his rider to fall backward”. Genesis 49:17 The 12 tribes of Israel carried banners with Zodiac symbols for 40 years in the Wilderness.

SCORPIO Dan rules Scorpio. In the sector of Scorpion, there is the constellation Serpens the serpent. A viper that bites the horse's heels, juxtapositions Scorpio next to Sagittarius, the half man half horse. When horse and rider fall backward can be seen because Sagittarius descends lower than Scorpio. 16Dan shall judge his people as one of the tribes of Israel. 17Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a viper by the path, that bites the horse's heels so that his rider falls backward. 18I wait for thy salvation, O LORD.(Gen. 49:16-18)…/dante-d-art-rat-agnian-…

Goddess of the underworld

Seated goddess, probably Persephone on her throne in the underworld, Severe style ca 480–60, found at Tarentum, Magna Graecia (Pergamon Museum, Berlin)

Persephone held an ancient role as the dread queen of the Underworld, within which tradition it was forbidden to speak her name. This tradition comes from her conflation with the very old chthonic divinity Despoina (“[the] mistress”), whose real name could not be revealed to anyone except those initiated into her mysteries.[15] As goddess of death, she was also called a daughter of Zeus and Styx,[16] the river that formed the boundary between Earth and the underworld. In Homer's epics, she appears as the formidable and venerable queen of the shades, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead, along with her husband Hades.[17] In the reformulation of Greek mythology expressed in the Orphic Hymns, Dionysus and Melinoe are separately called children of Zeus and Persephone.[18] Groves sacred to her stood at the western extremity of the earth on the frontiers of the lower world, which itself was called "house of Persephone".[19]

Her central myth served as the context for the secret rites of regeneration at Eleusis,[20] which promised immortality to initiates.

Full MOON in AQUARIUS/RED/AIR Opposite LEO/ELON/LEON NO EL /FIRE/YELLOW Brick ROAD RED/YELLOW is ORANGE 369 TRIP ELLE LLL Goddess 777 TRAP Full Moon Not in Pisces see video in comments below .... DNA DAN T is TRUE twin peaks Aquarius RED and Capricorn Black EARTH 21/12/ 2020 This FULL MOON is the 369 the line broke the monkey got chocked Internet Brex IT HOly Grail CUT TRAP ........Video here MIR OR/ROAR ANDA DAB T DNA

6 Months earlier on the Pisces opposite VirgO Equinox

Nucleus Proton Electron 3,6,9, Atomic TRAP

The Venus Fly Trap is the Visica Piscis Catch 22 before the great Saturn/Jupiter conjunction of 2020...Venus makes retrograde every 2 n a half about yrs the LAST one before 2020 was 2018 there will be one after the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction ... but the 2018 was the last supper before POPOV i feel ...Pisces is about ILLUSION DECEPTION CONFUSION its also very spiritual, it’s the 12th door out of the wheel it is the Swastika Right/Left North/South SPIN of the FOUR TUNES not three… we are only given the TESLA 3,6,9 TRAP Saturn the true Twin DNA peaks of Flesh to is the 10th MC house the X cross over into Aquarius and Capricorn Red/Air Black/Earth, it is the journey from lead to GOLD Saturn is in the beginning there was heaven Aquarius and Earth Capricorn we return after the journey of expansion LIGHT JUPITER back to being the whole labyrinth We are currently passing through the vesica Pisces and Jupiter wants to TRAP us there in Pisces They want to have the POPOV event of Orange 3,6,9 MERCURY before 2020 when we make the true kingdom to Spirit Saturn Jupiter wants to make an electrical Universe like in Symbols from an aLIEn sky documentary tricks…ThunderBolt Plasma Fake Kingdom and I feel the PopOV/OFF may be for the Midsummers dream… Jupiter works with Uranus to keep us in the flesh and his seven Moons are the 7 dwarfs of Shakespeare The SHAKE is the Spear of the Jew Pete Tsar Aryans The Sultans of swing…. Uranus does NOT rule Aquarius SATURN does….. We had the triple Goddess ISIS Romulus Remus Valentine Fertility ritual 13,14,15 February 3 phases of the Moon over the BULL Alderbaren the fake philosophers stone of flesh. The Triple Twister fertility event for the coming PopoV/OFF Ronald Ragan RR Romani Gypsy Kings till Donald last Trump ET….Goddess they past over Aldebaran the Bull Isis on the 13,14,15, February for the Romanus Remus TWIN WOLF DNA Valentine Then we had 21 days 777 beautiful clear spring fertility ritual 14 Feb till 7 march The Dragon/Snake Rahu/North Node Ketu/South Node moved on the 777 Black Moon into Gemini/Sagittarius MJ Mercury Jupiter Michael Jackson Now we have just had the third 7th black Moon on the 6th over True 3rd eye Saturn Fomalhaut, as mercury went retrOgrade in Pisces very much the energy of the triple Goddess deception Visica Pisces Tesla SPIN and Spun in the web or we become the spinner and the weavers of as above so below..3,6,9, is the TRAP.. and on the 7th the black moon was in the visica Piscis Pisces making the 777 after the 007 BOND AGE black moons on the 7/11/18 in Libra and the 7/12/18 in ScorpiO Kiss of Judas.. and then the 7/3/19 in the visica Piscis is the deception... Venus is Isis/Taurus/Spider/Triple Goddess web Vesica Piscis CC 33 .. 3 Venus is Libra/Omega/Pentagram/Flower/Lucifer 5g 5th Element .... 5 Mercury is Gemini/TWIN DNA strands from lead to Gold .... 2 Currently Mars and Uranus in ARIES/WARS with Eris still Uranus spend 7 yrs there as in WW2 84 yrs ago…. And Pluto and Saturn are conjunct in Sagittarius as they were opposite each other for 9/11 conjuct Rahu and ketu it takes 18 years for them to do a cycle we are at 2001/2019 NOW… means TWIN GEMINI EVENT Mercury RETRO 21 days is 777 in Pisces On the 3/3 we had Alabama Capital of Alabama is Montgomery Celt Galois Alabama is 911 in Gemetria wizard of OZ Tornado Torso Taurus Torah spin... Montgomery Monty Python is the Capital the flag is the 322 skull n Bone cross as is the flag of Alabama ... 32 Scottish Right Old Mac Donald Had a Farm… Mutable Cross of Mercury Jupiter MJ Jackson 32 is the state of Grace and the paths of wisdom 23 is the twin DNA strands 6/6 we had the IRA Mercury went retrOgrade on the 6th in Pisces in the visica Piscis as well for 3 weeks which enhances the 21 777 3 weeks ritual of clear blue sky almost unheard of in our day and age of chemtrails... The black Moon was above Fomalhaut and we had IRA 3 Bombs 3 Men is 6/3 Ira the Jairite is "chief minister unto David." The three firebombs were sent to Heathrow Airport, City Airport and Waterloo station yesterday but were all found and defused by terror experts. All three devices were sent from Irish addresses and bore Irish postmarks as confirmed by security services. Following the attack which did no harm, a Whitehall source did confirm that an Irish dissident group could be at the centre of the attempted attack. 9/3 Scotland 11-18 Wales: Six Nations – as it happened 119 1+8 = 9 again ... Rahu Ketu takes 18 yrs to do a cycle 18 Months in each sign now they are in the twins from BLACK MOON 6/3 is 9/3 .... 18 is 1 + 8 is 9 ....11/9 is 9/11 The RED White and GREEN DRAGON

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