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9/11 B G 5 G HIVE FIVE

We are being closed into a Frequency NETFLIX its the 12345 once i caught a fish ALIVE PI RAT/LOT CRAP RAP TRAP that means if you still haven't seen the divine comedy this all is, the Greasy Greek Tragedy.. of Staying B G /5 G ALIVE in the HIVE cause those who escape the frequency we are the GOLDEN Four Tune 4/4 is the Four corners of the Jupiter 12 wheel Spin or SPUN into a square closed. Jupiter takes 12 yrs to do a cycle and Jupiter is the 9th House of the Wheel and the 12th house of toaday's Phoenician Zodiac and Ennead NINE is the Babylonian Wheel... Both are Phoney/Phoenician Baloney/Babylonian....FAUX KNEE and BELOW KNEE cause SATURN rules the KNEES ... NO Sorry Dave i can't do that They want to TRAP us and keep us stuck in 11/AQUARIUS when the SPIN is the TWIN PEAKS of our DNA merged Both sides of the story SEEN.. We are now in the 12th house before we get into Aquarius 11th house.. and 12 is the SPIN you need to not get trapped in the 9/11 3,6,9, Eye of the TIGER Sin Bad the sailor wants your POP EYE... 678910 THEN I LET HIM GO AGAIN.... Know thy NAME so to know thy N AMY/AME DAN Peau D'ANE DNA .. ENEMY this is when you merge both sides of the coin .. FACE THE MUSIC so you can SPIN AROUND and leave the B Hive Jive <3 Victoria Cotton <3

Netflix in Jewish Gematria equals: 480: 12

Netflix in English Gematria equals: 540: 9

Netflix in Simple Gematria equals: 90: 9

Welcome to the CRAP TRAP i dont TRUST the fear Porn on 5g anymore this is exposed to bring FEAR i promise i get it now... However those still walking in a slumber will BEE COME in the BEE HIVE Once i caught a Fish ALIVE its about frquency and we need to GET it to leave the NET FLIX we need enough people to drop the FEAR and to CRUSH Baby lyon Bull Shit because its simply to separate the Wheat from the Tares.

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