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5 minutes from the Merging

Its takes great Courage to deprogram ... it takes time and a BIG HEART the time is upon us now...We are merging into the black mirror and it is only a DREAM but if you never met your self half way the shock will be big

Blocked from FB on computer...on my phone that I have difficulty touching and using.. they dont accept my codes.. it has began.. game over... for new pass word on phone now ... In case I can't get back on FB find me on you tube... about to do a video now to explain... the Dragon is Rahu Ketu.. 18 yrs since 9/11 and Rahu is back in the Twins Gemini where they were for 9/11 we have just had last 777 Black Moon..and today is Pi day 314... Eve of the Ides.. I am worried for us all... 1080 in NZ will kill off the whole land ..borders will close.. Lord of the rings.. is Rahu Ketu the Dragon...18 yrs 10 is X over... HAL is here .... get organised get safe we are about to become survivors whirl wide...

For those who don't get it... we are 5mins from merging with the black mirror...

... life is like Disney there are those that chose to cross that line of being a perpetrator and those of us who would never imagine such a thing.. many are still walking with their backs flat to the wall... because there are two sides to EVRYTHING and if you don't get that you are FLAT ... The Labyrinth is spirals of electromagnetic pulses that swirl eternally there is no such thing as death.. dummies.. it's all frequency... those that have crossed the line are AFRAID cause you will SEE them.. and to avoid them being seen they rock the boat they make CHAOS.. and division.. so our reflection never makes it past the illusion of us and them..the only way out is to just accept it.. stop helping Phsycopaths to hide.. they create shit so the waves block out the deep blue sea mirror of their/our reflection... it's time for the Lion to lie down with the lamb only wolves can stop it but the lambs must be lions to have that heart key through the narrow gateway... 🦁

The reason I stopped swimming after 32 yrs of 9 ks 2 yrs ago, I sat down at my desk and stopped doing so I could be me... I became the astrologer I was at 7yrs old.. our human vessel is our guitar we are the strings of the body.. every musical soul of tones is a unique temporary instrument in the orchestra of us... a symphony of frequencies that permit us to have the material form of the song, we came to be... it takes a life or many incarnations to become aware of this... in order to have a material experience we make life contracts according to the experiences we need, so to complete the hero's journey of integrating every month and season.. for those are our differences just the four seasons in all their mix ups imaginable.. we are the music.. we are drawn to people lives and tastes according to how we are tuned in.. every life is a step to being the whole puzzle..we are mixed in a PI 314.. a 360 degree labyrinth 322 is 64... when we get that the people we meet the stories we live is telling us who we are... that's all... as soon as we get it our labyrinth is no longer a Fibonacci code of alpha omega but wheels of multi cycles.. we ignite our own light.

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