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5 is for The Petals of Venus

5 is V for Venus.. the PENTAGRAM of VENUS/LUCIFER ... Venus is MALE in LIBRA/OMEGA/LIBER Venus is feminine in Taurus the BI BULL.. The pentagram is the MOROCCO PACT signed by the UN i CORN To KILL US OFF through immigration.. Marrakesh, Morocco - Leaders from 164 countries have agreed to a global pact that sets in action a plan "to prevent suffering and chaos" for global migration despite opposition and several withdrawals, including from the United States.

The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) was agreed upon on Monday at an intergovernmental conference in Marrakech, Morocco. VENUS makes the Fibonacci code in the sky the flower of LIFE... PP Peter PAN club wants to destroy the RH negative blood line FEMALE NEGATIVE MAGNETIC .. They had to wait till the end of this age Pisces/Virgo Female/Female .. The 100 year wars and ALL wars were about killing of the RH negative people ... WE were used for breeding purposes for the ELITE now our blood is contained in DNA we can be killed.. we are the only blood line that can join dots and save humanity Clock work ORANGE 5g will KILL us all off the 15 percent of us left on earth ... Catch 22 V is 22nd letter of alphabet Alpha/OMEGA .. V for Victory was always about killing the VENUS Blood line COPPER Mars is IRON and 85 percent of humans are IRON Electric ... we will not be able to stand the 5g it will kill us the NEGATIVE FEMALE COPPER BLOOD LINE all off.

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