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1984 George Orwell Uranus 84 yrs to do a cycle

1984 George Orwell Uranus 84 yrs to do a cycle .. Ur Anus spends 7 yrs in each sign Half of 84 is RainBow BrainROW is 42... France 4 Croatia 2 42...we just had 7 days of HORUS Clear BLUE SKY SUN RITUAL..Horus is the name of a sky god in ancient Egyptian mythology .. H is the symbol of Uranus 7 yrs and The symbol of JUPITER/Jew Petes TSAR is 42...During the 13,14,15, Feb Rituals of the Three mary's Cresent half Cresent Moon waxing waning over the bulls PoP EYE over Aldebaran/Taurus/Venus... War is peace, Ignorance is Strength, Freedom is Slavery...Uranus has an orbit of 84 years and spends an average of seven years in each sign. Because of its extensive retrograde cycles, the full span of time often appears longer than seven years. Following are the dates when Uranus transited in sidereal Aries in the past 300+ years:

Uranus has just entered Aries as it did for WW2

Lucifer uses Venus Mercury and Jupiter as his GANG to manipulate Humanity... and to Overtake the Twin peaks of the Kingdom of the lamb SATURN rules Aquarius and Capricorn NOT JUPITER .....

1680-1689 1764-1773 1848-1857 1932-1941

A man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after three men in their 80s - two of whom were believed to have been twins - were found dead.

The bodies of two 84-year-olds, named locally as Dick and Roger Carter, were found in Exeter on Tuesday, a day after the body of an 80-year-old man was discovered.

URANUS 84 EXeter is X Cross over BreXIT

The Twins of Cesar II Romulus and Remus Rahu/ketu enter GEMINI Twins and Sagittarius where they were for 9/11 DICK and ROGER!!!

Police said the level of violence used against all three had led them to link the deaths.

A 27-year-old man is in police custody. 18 and 27 is 9 Rahu/Northnode and ketu South node take 18 yrs to do a cycle 18 years from 9/11 till now

Officers were first called to Bonhay Road at 15:00 GMT on Monday, where they found the body of the 80-year-old.

At 13:00 on Tuesday, police attended a property in Cowick Lane, about 1.5 miles (2.4km) away, and discovered the bodies of the two other men.

13 is the door out of the wheel and 15 is GEMINI TWINS

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