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Alchemy Accordance

"We are born at a given moment, in a given place and, like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more". Carl Jung


Hello and welcome to my Whirl, I am an Alchemical Astrologer. I work with the spinning wheel to guide me. Over the years, since my childhood, I have built up a trust and relationship with the invisible chords of nature. The planets, work in tune with our organs, with the signs and the houses, they make up a unique tapestry of sound, for each individual soul. I look into the chrystal ball of your inner mirror. I am a four tune teller, because I use the spin of the four elements to translate your humours and interpret their relation to the planets on your wheel.  Your musical strings are tuned into your chakra points, Mars being the root chakra, Jupiter the sacrum, the Sun/Moon solar/lunar Plexus, Venus the heart, Mercury your Voice and Saturn is your 3rd eye and crown chakra.

We are currently completing a collective journey from lead to Gold, only we can become the Hero of our own journey, Saturn is when we put the G in the OLD to become Gold and complete this journey. First we have to complete our individual journey, then we are ready to be of service to others, each in our own special way.

Modern astrology focuses on The Sun and the Moon, but the true alchemical wheel is ruled by Saturn. Saturn rules the Twin Peak ages, we walk into now. Aquarius and Capricorn, side by side. The Scriptures in all Biblical accounts are simply Synonyms for Astrology.

" 23 And the city has no need for sun or moon to shine on it, because the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its lamp."

I use Stellarium Soft Ware and Sidereal Charts, this means I work on the correct Constellation and I have complete accuracy according to the true positions of the stars. We are only a few astrologers openly using this technique for the public, all main stream astrology is 23, 5 degrees off the correct constellation and we are stuck on an old record. We are still being collectively spun in time and space. We are that balance between Space/Expansion/Jupiter and Time/Contraction/Saturn, The Mid El beat. Finding inner balance and becoming one with your twin flame, is essential today, to make it through the narrow gate.

Stellarium, enables me to have a true image of the music of your soul, you are a unique individual instrument, according to the outer planets, you have a generational role and according to the inner planets you have a particular mission on earth. Between the two you have a very individual goal in this life. I take you ever further into your True-Blue Printed soul mission.

All readings are recorded and downloaded as Private videos onto You Tube, you can then download them onto your computer. It takes up to 5 hrs to record and download videos, this is included in the prices, short written feed back included, all readings are 1 to 2 hrs, with a short break of 15 mins .

You can find all types of specialised readings in Soul Sessions below. For all first time clients you need to have your natal chart done 160 € 2hrs or 1hr 90€, or you can choose a three-part trinity reading which includes natal and one other reading or Saturn Returns thats a look at your whole life journey, you get two readings for 250 €  I highly recommend this option so I can get to know you and then any other readings are i hr 80 to 120 Euros.

Anything you need to look at, in your life from health to work to love or just to see current planet transitions, you may tailor make your sessions, what ever you want to look into, we can look at. All one-hour sessions are 80/120 €, First time clients  Natal reading is 160€ and then most readings after that are at 80/120€ .

If you would like to just chat to me about your current affairs or you are looking to learn how to work as I do, I can also give you private chats and guidance on any chosen areas of your life and general alchemy.

Readings can be done in your presence or NOT you don't have to choose to be with me, many people prefer this way and are delighted to receive their videos in this way, If you are present we obviously go a lot deeper, if you are not present you get a completely intuitive raw and real reading.

BOOKINGS are taken by return e mail to your pay pal Payment. I have now set up my calendar, so you can choose your date and time. Bookings done on line,  I then confirm date and time by return e mail after your payment and booking. PERSONALLY through e mail .. I send you an e mail after you have paid asking for your details and we plan a recording either with or with out you present, either way you get your videO with a short written feed back each video is about 2hrs long/Natal and Saturn returns and Trinity Readings are 3hrs all other readings are 1 to 2hr's long  ..

Please book any readings that may take your fancy, they are just guide lines, feel free to just book any session by price and time, then we can adapt by mail to whatever type of reading you would like.  Just choose any service according to what you are looking for, or we can then tailor arrange your sessions, your personalised reading and a suitable time for both of us.

I have gained the seat with the clearest view, through dedication to truth and finding out how inner alchemy works. Thanks to all your readings i gain an ever deeper relationship to the invisible realm we swim in. We are each a complex, unique frequency, we will be whirled and twirled until we can tune ourselves in to our own tones. Knowing the true constellations and knowing our N A ME is of up most importance, to be your authentic glowing self.


I am an alchemist, I don’t reflect back unconsciousness, I absorb it, then transform it.

Natal readings are about 2 hrs, every reading is a unique piece of my HEART ART, no readings can be repeated, as every second, hour per day, i see differently even if the core is always the same..


 I Love showing you your story, what the planets are asking of you, explaining that the planets are the people, the situations, The tones of our material adventure and the experiences we live. The window that smashes unexpectedly and the accident that came, the animals and every object that surrounds you, they are why you see the projection of your energy field in every given moment, you are being Rock a Bye babied to your own Lullaby and you can become aware of this, without being attached to it. Surf and ride the flow, as a captain of your vessel.. navigating to your own unique waves within the overall collective song...

The planets are the notes the degrees, the Treble and the Base, the silence and the noise the flowers and the wind, the fish and the sea the rocks and the earth and the sky and the different Crosses we BEAR... The aspects are the guitar strings, the angels and the archons, the angles and the vibration. Each Planet in each sign has a Temperature, a Modality and an element, a Sign and a script, a scene to play out on and a mission to know. Your Temperament is part of that Thermometer..

I give every client a view of the current past and future transits giving you a time frame to whats happening next, how you will be affected and feel and when and how...


I like working to my own pressure beat and playing to a rhythm that gives each reading enough space and time so i am completely relaxed and balanced between my need to recharge spiritually and to find my core before starting a new.. we are all in this time pendulum physical experience weaving part of the tapestry consciously or unconsciously it is a game to see who can detach from being Played from a pawn to a CORONA is the crown to Spiritual discovery and each has been self programmed from before entering your vessel on how you want to be triggered step by step to



All Readings in French and English 


All Videos uploaded to Google Drive so Only you and whomever you may choose to share them with, can access them .. You should download all Videos. Readings are only guaranteed access 12 months after readings. In the rare circumstances, I may have any abusive or offensive clients, I hold the right to take readings off, you are fully responsible, for your own actions once you receive the video.


Soul sessions

Soul Session
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