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Alchemical Accordance

Making the bridge over troubled water, ARC to the correct current Mutable to Fixed Cross.

  • 1 hour
  • 90 euros
  • Le Grillon

Service Description

making the bridge between the Fake 23,5 degree Earth Tilt western and eastern AStrology, the Sun and Moon Lodges, have us Stuck in a Time 29 n half Leap Loup l🔎🔍P FROZEN in the age of Fire in I AM the Is Lamb/RAM, Aries, on Cardinal Cross. so I'm making the switch to real time, so i can give you readings on both your alchemical charts and our programmed ones, according to the time differences of the procession of the equinoxes being stuck in a time loop, we are now on the Mutable, Pisces, Cross Cusp, about to move into Aquarius, on the Fixed cross cusp constellation.. I feel we have a collective trap chart, we are born into and we have to regulate and accord ourselves to our true tunes and the true VIBE, of this ending age, ready to lead our children , into the age of all Astrological Knowing and the hidden knowledge of as above so below, to know at last our higher self chart, we can make the ARC between both.. The Material and the Spiritual.. We enter the end of many years in the Dark. We have to vision entering into our correct charts, Ruled by Saturn as in Heaven/Aquarius so on Earth/Capricorn, Catch Two Signs 22.. not the twisted and perverted one, but at last on the correct cross, not to be tricked and stuck in this overlay Time Trap deception, for another 1,200 yrs! Aquarius on the rising Sun Vertical cross opposite the Lion the Spinx in Leo, it is the beginning of the new dawn currently we are living still on the ALEF/TAV Aries/Libra Cardinal Horizontal line..

Contact Details

  • Le Grillon, Aignan, 32290

    + 0618976592

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