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Ur Anus

Half a circle of 360 is 180 .. That is the ARC .. The pyramids make an arc of 42 that is half of 84 the cycle of UR ANUS the fake OverLord that has been made the ruler of Aquarius the age we enter is not SINGULAR they are the TWIN double DNA helix where we have the opportunity to become GOLD the Twin Towers were brought down 77 .. 7/11 9/11 to open the 3rd REICH or we open our 3rd EYE .. 777 is the Luciferian completion of stealing our SPIRIT and keeping us trapped in FLESH .. each Arc on the 360 wheel is seven signs ruled by Alpha OMega Aries Libra both complete the above and below ruled by Mars/Venus Aries/Libra but Aries/Mars Libra/Venus is POSITIVE/POSITIVE the true equinox is Aquarius/Capricorn Saturn/Saturn both male and female... the age we enter is Aquarius/Capricorn ruled by SATURN opposite Leo/Lion Giza/Sphinx but Capricorn FEMALE was destroyed and Uranus made the SINGULARITY.. Venus is Male that why Venus Taurus female.. is used as ISIS the age of Aquarius when its our time to find Unity .. that right is being taken .. so we have had two arc of 42/42 Matriarchal and Patriarchal 77 .. and the last 7 to make 777 LIBER LIBRA Omega is Dystopia or we see through the crap trap the two directions of the wheel is HOW WOW ii Hawaii we have to be the BALANCE to become the i of the inner ii Captain ... ...Jupiter is the conductor to this dystopian Orwellian nightmare ending because Jupiter is afraid of Saturn ruler of the TWIN PEAK age we enter.. Saturn is Contraction SPIRIT and Jupiter is Expansion MATERIAL,

he wants to keep us in a FLESH TRAP ... Jupiter is expansion/Space and Saturn is contraction/time its an inside job to be in the MID EL EVEN right place at the right Time

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