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The Narrow Gate Way Past The Narcissists

The Narrow Gate Way Past The Narcissists Video here .....

This Video is to explain NARSSISTS Really everything boils down to This... Yes there are many copy paste souls that are not REAL they are AI REEL and they are here as Mirrors to tempt Organic humans into the Fear Porn and to stop our heart frequency breaking/Busting through the narrow gateway ... we had to find each other to help ourselves through it is essential you diagnose the FAKE humans as our reflections of the DUALITY program which is how we find our center, how we become FIXED the PLAYERS are here to reflect back what we need to let go of they are stopping you from opening our hearts... only when we diagnose discern and dissect through the web of LIES can we assert our selves and have the proper boundaries to protect ourselves and begin to let go of all fear... HOWEVER there is a TRAP here because Saturn is the main Dark Vader gate keeper he plays the role of the 7th Seal and those who get to the real truth know that Saturn is the CROWN CHAKRA Game set and match The light is Jupiter/ Flesh desire Expansion LOVE.. Luke Lucifer sky walker and the dark is Saturn/Spirit contraction we need to transmute FEAR of DEATH to reach home in the HEART or stuck in fear ... or we are recolted and trapped in the Wheel ... Its all a GAME and we are the CROSS over generations to separate the wheat from the tares.... The Mid EL path EL Even ..Nay; lest while ye gather up the tares, ye root up also the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn. I am truly GOB SMACKED that i was so blind to my last relationship .. But i am more GOB smacked at HOW MUCH information is now out there about these people... I can Now see that the whole point of the past 18 yrs the journey of the SNAKE Rahu/Ketu North Node South Node is 18 yrs Half a cycle 1080 is 180 degree half of 360 s 9/11 to 2019 .. I woke up to my last Narc partner after 18 yrs of marriage as i was being discarded 9/11 was the period I was waking up first time... I went MAD with RAGE and that FURY saved me, I totally turned the tables although it took me 8 yrs and attempts on my life, I did it I was 33 yrs old, but in those days there was NOTHING about it NO one knew what Covert narcissism was, there was just One French book called harcelment morale and that was it...This Video i expose my Astrology Chart as i feel i have LEFT the WHEEL now through SELF observation i am OUTSIDE of my 3d experience now... I have just been waiting for complete clarity to do this... My second SHOCK came as the head of the snake returned in gemini this march where it will be for 18 Months where it was when the Twin Towers came down and where it was when NOTRE DAME Peau de DAN our TWIN DNA/DAN strands have completed the awakening we should ALL be going through now because there truly is US and THEM and this is the Grand separation Apocalypse means UNVEILING happening NOW on EARTH..... I am afraid that many of you have been manipulated by these people, but you still cant SEE THEM This time i have had to face that i was a victim throughout my child hood because i SAW through my Mum at a young age and was kept in confusion FEAR and terror my whole life but I had inner strength always and its taken me 18 yrs to WORK it OUT ... We are gifted to be where we are today, There are Middle path people that never fall in these traps, its more the extreme LIGHT and DARK people who are being shown their Opposites, there are the new generations of children that are outside of these Dynamics But we the Rosemary Baby generation Children especially The PLUTO in VIRGO generations are here to discover this and to work out HOW WHY and WHO so we can all merge back into the Pure singularity.... ALL is GOOD when we escape the WHEEL If You would like to escape the wheel please book a reading here Fully booked until 21st June ...

7 Painful Truths Empaths Must Eventually Face About Narcissists

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