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New VideO PART II, BJ Full MOJO Sun/Moon cycle EXPLAINED LLL 21 v's 7777/28

There are lots of slips of my tongue here there will be a part III but we are nearly there this is such a major passage ..... You need to see Part I First ... part III will come after the Full Moon tomorrow 13th ....

This is the Blood Full Moon that they are using For MARS in Virgo currently as Full Moon is opposite in Jesus Pisces Sun/SON in VirgO This is when RA has his way with MM VirgO Mary Magdalene for the birth of the child of Jesus JOHN SON the Antichrist...the WHORE of BABYLON last black MOMO Moon 1st in VirgO 28/9 and 2nd to come 28/10..after these two black PILLAR Moons are used to create their BAPHOMET BJ Boris John SON Babylon Judaism MERGING This is the FAKE MOTHER DESTROYER .... WE are both sides of the coin we are death and Life we go through the Mother CANCER FULL MOON Not GRETA!!!! Mary Magdalene BULL SHIT we enter HIGH CARDINAL MATURE WOMAN to become Capricorn Creation in a human vessel SPIN your tapestry and celebrate your own androgynous male and female within for this FULL MOON VideO MicrO working Loud and Clear.. to explain in more depth as I myself understand the importance of this full moon 13 blood moon.. Mars is in Virgo as is Venus in deliberation.. with Sun and Moon opposite in Pisces full.moon..... this is the traps of Mercury 21 Retro 777 21 days 3 times per year thisis his attempt to do a LLLL 7777 4 TUNE spin 28 day Fake FULL MOON ritual to make the girl to take her virginity full moon in Pisces..death and Ate or G8 the girl Virgo into death creation Capricorn Mother full moon.. Sun is in Virgo.. its rape to make the FAKE Kali the Medusa Dark side of the Moon they wanna use the white Judas and the black of Babylon MOMO the dub eLLe black moon in Virgo with Full in the middle Moon in Pisces opposite Babylon BoB Boris BJ Jesus John SON ZION SIN SION BAD SOL in VirgO ... The scorned woman of destruction is the destruction of Cancer ruled by the moon.. MON.. Sol O MON sun and moon ritual.. once we let go of the Father sun and Mother moon we become ONE There will be no need of the sun south and moon north nodes Rahu/ Ketu we go North to the High Cardinal EARTH Capricorn Mother Creation out of destruction Cancer and into Order Aquarius Father Fixed Air out of Leo babLEON NOEL ELON Choas teenager .. this ritual is to take HER toGETher the Mother the child and the old woman Virgo is turned from Hail Mary into the Black white of Babylon when Cancer Moon is the VIRGIN MOTHER the 28 days of her cycle is the LLLL 28 day cycle 7777 is 28 and the moon moves 7.38 or 7/11 days to go from black to crescent half FULL half gibbous then black again we need the 4 th L of Pisces the 3 6 9 12 door out to be the 13th observer the 322 7/L dub LL mOmO spin of the Mutable Cross into high Cardinal Capricorn.. Mars RA is gonna take her virginity on this blood moon... to make the Baphomet.. It's a RAM not a GOAT and the lion lies down with a Lamb..not IS LAM fake twin peak ritual and our blast off into the G 8 spot of Mary POPins or we become the destruction and creation portal through the spin of the 322 skull n Bone cross mutable TRANS MUTATION.. 4 phase of the Moon and the 8 Anal Emma!!!! Figure of 8 the sun makes is the 11th door into the dub 'LL 77 11 Twin Peaks two sides of the coin that spin

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