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New VIDEO Part 1,The Trip eLLe UP 7/11 GretA MM/WW MoMo Dub LL OO 7 Black Moons in VIRGO

This is the climax of the Divine comedy, The Final Count Down... we will be spun upon the TEMPEST and i am here to help you through... I will have to do a part two as i didnt even show the last Mary of the trip LLL 777 Bob a Blow Job ...


The 3rd Mary is on 23 September Gibbous moon Conjunct Rahu and Sirius the DOG/God Star in Gemini so this Dub eLLe O 77 Phases of the Moon go from Black moon VirgO 28/9... To Crescent moon Sagittarius 3/9 to FULL MOON 13th Pisces to Gibbous moon in Gemini 23/10 conjunct Sirius and Rahu and then dub LL/77 MOMO Black Moon in VirgO on the 28/10 ... That is the FOUR SPIN The skull n Bone MUTABLE TRANS mutable 322 cross 3 Gemini 6 VirgO 9 Sagittarius and 12 Pisces ...... WOW we can spin out of the crap trap..!!!! This videO took 10 days of sound and micro problems, sorry MicrO seems to be faulty and sound low but, it is all there if you listen close... i lost two videos before this one and this is 3rd Mary pOppins Lucky through... im exhausted also exited at holding this information within me and watching the Greek Tragedy Greasy Rocky Horror show Of Boris Blow Jobs and Greta CC Climate 33 CruciFICTION play out.. join me... listen and listen againl, you can get it... I will add to this with an article but boy please listen close to this one This is gonna be no ordinary G8 SPOT Boris John SON Blow Job My Site and Blog here please Book readings, we have so much to talk about i also do tarot cards at the end of all my readings now as we delve into your Whirl... xxxx Love

Dub 'LL 🌚 77 black MOMO Moons in Virgo 28/9 And 28/10 that makes 20 2+ 8 = 10.. 10 X + 10 X = 20.... dub XX strong bow 2020 is gate way through the crap trap mess age Mir age black Mir Roar.. Miranda becomes a woman... 13/10 full moon the completion before the Tempest... Saturn rules the father Aquarius and the mother Capricorn... It's all a divine comedy to trigger you into completion.. we are TRANS muted artificially to get you to purge through... God made man from water Pisces and clay earth Virgo.. the age we leave ... we mould clay to gas through the storm of the water liquid to become solid gas... Aquarius father Capricorn mother into dub 'LL 🌚 77 twin peaks ... social media and all media is designed to PURGE you through or keep you stuck in CLAY G spot Greta a Mother and an Old Crowny within me ... I am the Tempest... i am dub L 🌚 7..not Trip eLLe UP LLL 777 goddess makes the 4th door through takes 7777 LLLL to complete 28 days of moon cycle.... hElle hath no fury like a completed woman.... be the Full Moon this 13/10 between the double black moon pillars in Virgo high priestess of alchemy.. 28/9 And 28/10 is MOMO 3 6 9 is Gemini Virgo Sagittarius it makes the TRIP LLL 777 Triangular trap cause 6 9 is same thing so it makes 21 like 777 we need to be whole 28 12th door Pisces is 12 plus 21 is 21/12/2020 catch 22 or through into the twin peaks of ALCHEMY a reminder that the lamb the THA LAMB US Hypothalamus The V 22 ARIES RAM Moloch god of Fire sacrifice And MARS WARS .. the Thalamus is the Lamb third eye the OWL is Moloch RA the RAM and the Wolf is LEON ELON NO EL L 7 a marketing tool photo shoot to switch your consciousness from the Lion and the lamb as ONE not the Loup aux Wolf Loop but the gateway through. .. the correct Equinox constellation for the Twin Peak 21/12/2020 equinox is Giza Aquarius Fomalhaut that lies down opposite The LION the sphinx LEO not the wolf/DOG OWL/Moloch but with GOD Twin Peaks Father Mother Aquarius Air Father with Heaven and Capricorn EARTH Mother ruled by Lord of the rings Saturn... Virgo presexual high priestess sexual transmutation of lead to gold Mercury child, Sulfur Father, Salt Mother... To become the 4th Tune merging two sides of DNA to escape 3 6 9 triangulation the 3 trip eLLe UP goddesses crap trap Greta... 777 is 21 but four phases of moon is 28 LLLL 3 6 9 12 is 4 tune found 5th element twin peaks..entry .. MoMo black moons in virgO 28 9 and 28 10 thats dub L/7 XX 28 = 10 2+8 is 10 = X between Bj Bob a blow Job Cresent Quarter Moons Pillars Boris black BabylonJohn SON Judas White Jupiter in ScorpiO on Ophiuchus 13th FAKE sign Never ending war with the Snake Dragon.. 13/10 Full moon coming up between the two pillars of the MOMO black moons this is such a ritual into the Tempest... still trying to mend Microphone.. but I will get this video up... It's black Jack.. Jack SON Jack in a BOX Jupiter's fall.. Trump Card old Mac aron Donald and The fall of Humpty Dumpty Bob a Blow Job Babylon and Judah Boris John SON Jesus the fall of Jupiter white for the Back to Black Saturn Capricorn from girl boy Jack n Jill Greta Mary Magdalene VirgO and Pan green man Gemini.. DNA tribe of DAN Twin Peaks entry or black Lodge judgement.. to high Cardinal EARTH 2112 2020

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