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my feeling, is this is limbo.. Atlantis is still standing.. some think it sunk or is still here... but it is the last twin peak of our inner journey, as an individual hero .. that only a few make.. when we have purified and found the wisdom alone.. as above so below is all we ever had to get, at the end of our lives or in a mass end of each age, extermination ...the gateway through appears 144,000 is simply the Twin Peak last two ages, it represents the sun's voyage, the hero's journey home.. 72 degrees per age of 2,220 yrs..72+72=144 it never disappeared only most thought it did because they didn't make it, or they were thrown back in the wheel.. Those left standing thought all was lost when it was just through the mirror, humanity is given scriptures but they represent an invisible symbolic truth .. Atlantis is what some call the division of the cell or the new earth.. that time is upon us again.. as I always say it's an inside job... people speculate of where Atlantis is.. I watched a video just now, that screams trident of Jupiter Poseidon tricks.. a yellow sub MARINE it's like the carrot that leads the donkeys... Atlantis is symbolic it stands for a last spiritual experience among the living... we fell or have come back to help others home... the time is here again, once we detach from all be LIE programs to find our own path... being kind is all we have to do and never take this shit hole for GOLD this is a graduation school and we are rewarded when we don't identify with man made Maritime laws...follow the lamb

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