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The meaning of being a spinner and a weaver... before we were all spun into

we used to be Alchemists... before we fell from GRACE before LOTs wife was turned to stone. We should be becoming one again, WHOLE not holy, in an authentic way, but the suppression of the female and the all masculine trinity has destroyed this natural process and created the suppressed female and her anger, this is WHY Venus is such an important planet because she weaves and spins the Petals/Flower of Life... Her womb has been made all male Libra/Taurus, SHE is normally female in Taurus and Male in Libra.. the BULL/Taurus is normally a COW, feminine energy stolen from her for Black MagicK ...She became the Fake light called Lucifer/Liber/Omega and she is now in the collective lower realms of male desire hence the FREE MARTINS Me too feminism, base lower Ego/Desire... Venus makes a spider web, FLOWER of life in the sky if we don find or get through past the sexual realms of Ecstasy we can not transmute or find the higher realms... this is why the Virgin was turned into a WHORE you gotta get above sexual desire

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