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1946/1968 PlutO in Leo generation we came to BURN BABY LYON DOWN to open the Lion gates into the age of aquarius into the TWIN PEAKS so that the PlutO in VirgO generation ( ROSE MARYs BABIES. Black and white is VirgO/Pisces Robin swallows mary POPins BOTH generations are targeted to FALL)

VirgO in PlutO 1968/1986 should be ready to create a NEW for the 2020 ENTRY of PlutO in Capricorn Saturn and Jupiter conjunction in capricorn on the 21/12/2020 That is what the film the Good The Bad and the Ugly was about CATCH 22 is 2020 The change from PlutO Saturn and Jupiter NEXT year all three in Sagittarius will be a BIG last year of the Mutable cross before we enter High cardinal Capricorn then Aquarius both ruled by SATURN .. Jupiter will FALL expect to see massive changes are you ready for that ... This film was released on June 11 Gemini TWIN PEAKS/Towers in 1999 .. 9/11 sponsored by 666 Heineken ..... VideO here.. Austin Powers is the image of the PlutO in leO generation and is LEON ELON NO EL MUSK/SKUM LONE SKUM ELON MUSK ... 1969 to 2019 is the 50 yr CROSS OVER point ...

ELON is The last Horseman NASA is American Woman

North America South America the TWIN PEAKS LEON/ELON is The Lone Ranger The 4 TUNE last corner D'Artagnan is FORMLHAUT the Stone the philosophers rejected Formlhaut is our 3rd EYE Thalumas The thalamus is a walnut-shaped structure deep in the center of the brain. It is the relay station for all of the sensory information that flows throughout the brain. So, whether the information comes in through our optic nerves, our ears, through tactile sensation, through smell, or through taste, every bit of data travels through the thalamus. The thalamus mediates to us our sense of what is and isn’t real.

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