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IS RA EL the SUN LION KING trying to make VENUS and MERCURY rulers of SATURNS PILLAR HIS Mer LIE ON Merlin conjunct ERIS IRIS EROS Tomorrow is a MAJOR TRIP eLLe 7 UP, Yup and all you sleepy heads are missing the biggest SHOW ever known in this wheels cycle so far… The Sun in Pisces with Venus EXALTED Venus rules Taurus where Moon is exalted, perfect for inversed rituals and Mercury Debilitated and in FALL on each side of the last V for VicTORy the Vesica Piscis temples to make the VOICE to reach the Head BRAIN into the Shirly Whirly Milky Way TEMP L's temple where the Silver MOON and Golden SUN MERGE again, North Node on Aldebaran silver temple and South node on ScorpiO Golden Temple true Milky Way horse Shoe Tips NOW Sol O Mon BROKE them and split you into 14 pieces 3,14 pieces of PI very few will make their HEAD EDD as most enjoy eating PI the 15th Venus goes into Aries where she is a right Pushy Bossy MAD DAM and Moon exalted in Taurus and tomorrow conjunct on Aldebaran, Mars ruler of Aries still in Fall in Taurus and on the WAND of the MER LION the Silver GATE where ODIN the Little PINCE Nail clipper awaits to rise as the new BULLY when Taurus should rise up to meet ScorpiO IsIs and merge as one EAGLE that carries the Snake of Wisdom in his claws again not a HAWK that pretends to be the Eagle and rapes VirgO the presexual girl as all the Fixed sign are crucifried in the Mutable Gaps as is happening NOW cause no one can see the bigger game at play… again Silver Golden Gates but the SWAP Over is happening now as the LUCY FERians make ODIN into the new GLODEN GATE LUCYFER Ophiuchus 13 QUEEN BEE IMPOSTER TARTUFFE JOKER normally ISIS and Osiris should be taking place to find the perfect 7 harmonic balance they twisted the whole SHOW so to make the Golden Gate theirs and using the MOON energy in Taurus to RISE the Kali energy of the Sea MOON STAR of the unconsious collective

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