Time to change course, I started doing readings 4yrs agO full time and the past year I have done over 4 to 7 readings every week, I spend 2/3 hrs on every reading, then I upload, then I write a short feedback. In all each person has 7 to 10 hrs of my time and Love and energy cause that’s how I like to work…


Natal and Saturn Returns  are changing price…. and all other readings please check through all my services Souls Sessions Specialised Readings and Different Strokes each have a multitude of different types of readings.


Please look in the Feed back page to have an idea of what clients have to say, about their readings … The more I see through the Musical MC Comedy the deeper I see who you are, what you need to know and how to help you find your FOUR HUMOURS in balance and your according Purpose and TONE to Play on this Playa Out … https://www.alchemyaccordance.com/alchemical-accordance


This Summer July August and September 2021 I will not be working full time. I will take only two readings a week as I do spend a full day on each client. My Home needs TLC and I have waited four years to renovate so I must start getting organised. In the mean time I have a new computer Software being installed and a fancy new office play den and I will be preparing to start Webinars and Teaching in small groups on LINE ….


October 2021 A Whole new Way of Working is about to begin, you will see all my services will be more expensive, I can’t do 7 to 10 hrs for 80€ anymore I do know my Worth and Value now as you have shown me so much THANK YOU …


All readings begin on accessing your inner knowing and outer knowing. those of you who need an introduction are given one, every person is introduced to what I do according to who you are,


Firstly, we go to Stellerium, where your chakras, above and below, without and within are found and your humours discussed, then we have a break after first 1hr 30 mins (can only be an hour depending on you.)

After break we see your wheel on a chart and all the Angles and Angels are explained, why you live what you live, how the planets are the people and the experiences in your life and how you are introduced to yourself through your reflection and projection onto the other half of you. Transitions of before, now and after and how you have timed your pendulums for your own paper trail, to be remembered and found.


After another short break we finish with Tarot cards normally covers and goes over all we have said seen and done.

Natal and Saturn Returns Readings will now be 150€ Natal and 150€ Saturn and Trinity Readings 220€ including natal and one other reading of you choice or Saturn return and one other reading in the 80 € at 220€ each, Readings come with Written Feedback, uploaded VideO and drawn Pictures of your Magick Wheel and Planets, Charts and Tarot card Pics, included in every Natal and Saturn Returns reading ….


All other readings Please go through all My Options in Soul Sessions, Specialised Readings and Different Strokes will all slightly go up in price too. Have a look through here https://www.alchemyaccordance.com/

Lots and Lots of changes to come but to start I focus on prices and you will see the changes over the Summer Months to Come …


In the meantime, check out my BLOG on this site and My You Tube Channel and the work of Lars who I work with too in our Videos …


You Tube Channel Victoria Cotton https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgRpJI3f0AW4QG77oiwZTGQ

Blog https://www.alchemyaccordance.com/blog


Lars Page Here.. He does Readings too .. Alkymisk Astrologi https://www.alkymiskspirituelchakraastrologi.dk/?lang=en


There is a donate button available too on the Site


All My Fondest Wishes and Love to all my faithful clients and Customers to be, Warm regards to all of you, from Myself and my Animal Family,




Special NOTE: Beware the CLOWNS cause I see who you are and I hold the right to refuse any readings I don’t feel are authentic, if I find any Jokers come to harass me HALF your Money will be refunded, I no longer pretend I doo see straight through you. THANK YOU